No Room for Jesus by Eddie Foster

Luke 2:1-20 is the background for the message.

Jesus has been omitted from society and in doing so deprived people of his influence. There is no room for him in government, in society, and in the personal lives of many.  In the days of the Old Testament, a leader always consulted the prophets. In preparing to go to war they sought God’s direction. Today what was written by our forefathers has been misinterpreted. They didn’t mean to keep religion out of government but that government must be kept out of religion.  We need God in our government, but we don’t need the government dictating to churches. However, we find the government increasingly telling organizations what to do. Free public schools began with the church.  Early school books taught godly morals and principles. We need that today. It’s important what is taught to our children. Just take a look at where we are today. The proof of what happens without it is clearly seen.

We can celebrate the birth of Jesus, but he is not allowed to be in anything. You can’t mention his name.  He’s been cut from speeches, from books, from prayers and many more things. It’s been happening for many years.  When we say “God”, to the world that includes any god people want to worship because God is now a broad term.  But to say we worship Christ sets Christmas apart. Every effort has been made to get him out of government and society.  We still can’t get rid of the Book, his Word. It’s forever settled in heaven. We can’t get rid of Jesus Christ.  At his name every knee will bow and confess him as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  You will voluntarily do it now, in this life, or you will do it at the judgment.  Do it now! At the judgment it will be too late.

There was no room among men for Jesus to be born. There was no room for him in his ministry. The Son of God “had no place to lay his head.” There was no room for him in the synagogue. He was run out by the leaders many times, even though it was his house. They wanted to kill him. They begrudged his fame and attributed his works to the devil. They deprived him of the praise of the children.  At the cross, they deprived him of his clothes and of water to quench his thirst.  After he rose from the dead, they denied and tried to hide his resurrection.

You have made room for your job. You’ve made room for friends. You have made room for many things. Have you made room for Jesus?  

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