Our History

Church Fellowship Hall Parsonage
Church Fellowship Hall Parsonage


  • The church began in a tent near Thomas Bridge.
  • Josie Gollahan donated land for the current church location
  • The first service in the current location was in August 1963


  • The auditorium was completed


  • The parsonage was finished in 1973, and John Floyd was the first pastor to live there

Late 1970’s

  • The fellowship hall was built in the late 1970’s

Early 1990’s

  • A new addition was built that included four Sunday school rooms in the basement, upstairs bathrooms, a sound room, nursery, and pastor’s office


  • A lighted church sign was installed in the front yard


  • A baptistery was installed inside the fellowship hall and a second parking lot was constructed


  • A flag pole was installed and a new accessible ramp was constructed


  • An accessible bathroom was added upstairs


  • The carpet in the parsonage was replaced with hardwood floors


  • The bank at the lower parking lot was reinforced with a block wall


  • Fencing was installed on top of the wall and a new heating and cooling unit was installed in the fellowship hall
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