God’s Guaranteed Success Plan by Eddie Foster

Read Joshua 1. It gives us the formula for God’s guaranteed success plan. This is an important portion of Israel’s history. They were going to possess the land and become a nation. When Genesis ended, 70 people made up the nation and they lived in an area of Egypt called Goshen. It wasn’t home. Now they were on their way to Canaan and only those under 20 years of age, with the exception of Joshua and Caleb, would enter. Moses was allowed to go to Mount Nebo and look into the land but there he died and God buried him.  Their promised land is not a type of heaven. They would have to fight more battles and struggles in their effort to possess the land. When we get to heaven, this will cease. No devil. No problems. That’s our promised land. In this chapter God told Joshua if he did certain things he would be successful.  He needed to follow God’s plan and God’s presence and rely on God’s power; this would result in God’s prosperity. 

God’s Plan.  God doesn’t do anything haphazardly. He always works according to plan, and he always has a plan. Evolutionists say all of this just happened. It wasn’t created. We can look around in nature, and even at our own body, and know there is a Creator.  We are indeed, as the Bible says, fearfully and wonderfully made.  God had a plan in creation. He made man out of the dust of the ground, breathed into him the breath of life and man became a living soul.  In Noah’s day, the plan was the ark. In the plan of redemption, there is Calvary. Jesus’ death was not an accident. It was planned before man was created and sinned in the Garden. God has a plan for the end times. We see things happening today that should concern us, but not bother us. God told us they would happen. God gave Joshua a plan to possess this promised land. I’m sure he felt inadequate. In Joshua 1:5 God said There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. God promised to be with him. Know this: the church will prevail. We’re going up!  God has a plan for life. We will face struggles here but living by faith is rewarding. It will lead to ultimate victory. Accept what God has given you. The children of Israel were given a promised land but they had to do what was necessary to possess it. It’s our responsibility to obey God’s plan.

God’s Presence. The presence of God makes all the difference in the world. In Exodus 3, Moses was on the backside of the desert keeping the flocks. This was a sunny, hot and dry place. He’d probably seen burning bushes many times, but when he looked at a burning bush one day it was not being consumed by the fire. He approached it and God spoke. He told him to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground. God’s presence made the difference. He was in the bush. Three Hebrews were thrown into the fiery furnace and not consumed. Why? A fourth man, Jesus Christ, was in the fire with them. His presence made the difference. Why was Daniel not eaten in the lion’s den? God shut their mouths. He made all the difference. In John 2, there was a wedding in Cana. Jesus’ first miracle was performed here. He is the only person named and he’s the one who made the difference. Without Jesus there would be no miracles. There is no difference between us and many other millions who live on the earth–except that Jesus lives in our heart. He makes the difference in our lives.

God’s Power. We can use gimmicks and programs all we want but nothing brings salvation but God’s power. If there is a big meal over at the fellowship hall and you go away hungry, whose fault is it?  Yours!  The food was available. I can feed you the Word of God, but it’s up to you to eat it. The Word of God is food for the child of God. I can’t force feed you; it’s up to you.  It was God’s power that made the difference when little David fought the giant Goliath. It was God’s power that enabled Samson to kill a lion and 1,000 Philistines. God has always had it and he still does. Whoever sits in the White House, God is still on his throne.  He will get us through this wilderness.

God’s Prosperity. I’m not preaching a get-rich religion. But there is financial prosperity.  I’m not rich, but I have a house, a car, and clothes to wear. Honor the Lord with what you have. Give and it shall be given unto you. Read Proverbs 3:9-10; Luke 6:38 and II Corinthians 9:6. God provides for those who trust him. We can have success in our family when we trust God. Proverbs 22:6 is interpreted various ways. I believe if parents give a child good instruction from God as they raise that child, they will give that child a good foundation to build a life.  It’s important to get our kids in church and to teach them the ways of God.  We can prosper against the enemy. God’s as able today as he’s always been. He answers prayer. Let him do the avenging. That’s not my job or yours. It is his.  God is as big as he’s always been.

Do you want to be successful?  I do.  God has plans. Trust his presence. Believe he’s still the same powerful God as always. Put that together and you will find prosperity.  This is necessary for you to be a Christian. Apply it to your life. God told Joshua he would get him to the promised land. He’ll get us home.  Add it all up.  We’re blessed because of the Lord!

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