In Whom Do You Trust by Eddie Foster

Isaiah 36:1 Now it came to pass in the fourteenth year of king Hezekiah, that Sennacherib king of Assyria came up against all the defenced cities of Judah, and took them. 2 And the king of Assyria sent Rabshakeh from Lachish to Jerusalem unto king Hezekiah with a great army. And he stood by the conduit of the upper pool in the highway of the fuller’s field. 3 Then came forth unto him Eliakim, Hilkiah’s son, which was over the house, and Shebna the scribe, and Joah, Asaph’s son, the recorder. 4 And Rabshakeh said unto them, Say ye now to Hezekiah, Thus saith the great king, the king of Assyria, What confidence is this wherein thou trustest? 5 I say, sayest thou, (but they are but vain words) I have counsel and strength for war: now on whom dost thou trust, that thou rebellest against me?

Promises are only as good, only as creditable, as the person making them. Here it was Pharaoh’s word against God’s Word. In choosing between God’s Word and somebody else’s, whose do you believe? Hezekiah had taken siege of most of Israel. He sent ambassadors to meet Rabshakeh. He claimed what they did was under the command of God; it was not. They were asked to speak in a language that most of the people couldn’t understand but they refused. After it was all over the ambassadors said nothing because that’s what Hezekiah had instructed.  They went away with sorrow.

So I ask you, whom do you trust? The average person says he/she is going to heaven. They go to church. They have been baptized. That’s not what I’m asking. Are they saved? They think they are going to heaven instead of hell; however more will go to hell.  The Bible says the road to heaven is straight and narrow and few are on it. The road to hell is broad and leads to destruction. Many are on it. We need to be saved and live right. If someone wants me to preach at their funeral, I can’t preach you into heaven. You must be saved before that.

In whom do you trust to get to heaven? A street reporter asked several people if they were going to heaven. He got lots of answers. One said he had suffered through many bad situations. I’ve had it so bad here that I deserve to go to heaven. Another said he had always tried to do the right thing and surely he would be rewarded for trying. Another said she would make a stop at purgatory on the way. She didn’t believe in hell because God is merciful. First, the Bible says nothing about a place called purgatory where sins will be purged before going to heavy. You’ll meet God just like you leave this world. The Bible says as a tree falls so shall it lie. In the Bible hell is spoken of more times than heaven. Another person said it’s not as easy as yes or no. He said he preferred company of hell over the climate of heaven. There are no parties in hell. It’s a place where the worm dieth not, a place of wailing and gnashing of teeth.  There were all kinds of responses. Don’t make the mistake of thinking only God knows. The Bible says we can know if we’re heaven bound. I won’t go because I’ve not stolen anything or murdered anyone. I’m going because of Jesus Christ. John says we can know that we’ve passed from death to life. I don’t have to scratch my head. All those interviewed said nothing of Jesus.

This text shows that people trusted in other things over Jesus Christ.  They trusted in others. They had confidence in Egypt, a world power at this time. In their mind they would be protected by Egypt. Our country has one of the greatest militaries in the world. Our arsenal is the greatest. God can bring America down. He’s still God. Live his way. Rabshakeh told them trust in Egypt would do no good. We need to spend more time on our knees. Our greatest trust should be in God. Whoever is in the White House is not God. I’m instructed to pray for leaders. If I put my trust and confidence in man, I wouldn’t be in church today. But I have to keep on going no matter what I see in others. I’ll give account for Eddie, not someone else. People will look at others and say “if he’s going to heaven, I don’t have a problem.” People may do things you would never think they’d do. Keep on going. You’ll account for yourself.

They trusted a lie. Many want to hear what they want, not caring for the end result. They live for the moment thinking if there’s no tomorrow they have to get all they can today. But this isn’t all there is. This body is a temporary lodging. When you move from here you’ll either go to a better or worse home. The Lord had not told Rabshakeh to do this even though he claimed it to be true. It was a lie. Lying is popular in leadership. Many in the Bible did it. An unnamed prophet was instructed not to eat with anyone but on the way home he was invited to eat by a priest. He said it was all right. Be cautious when people tell you they’ve had a revelation from God. After the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, God has not spoken. John recorded it and there has been nothing else. So the prophet went in to eat with the priest. On the way home he was attacked by a lion. When people told the priest all he said was the prophet had disobeyed God in eating. People get you in trouble and then say you shouldn’t have done what you did. I’ll preach the truth.

In whom do you trust? The woman with the issue of blood had tried doctors and spent all she had. She knew if she could get close to Jesus, enough to touch the hem of his garment, she’d be healed. There was a crowd around Jesus, yet when she touched him he asked who it was. The disciples scoffed asking why he’d ask that with such a crowd. He felt virtue leave his body. The woman spoke up.  One touch from Jesus is all we need.  Millions trust something with no relief from sin. Many trust in all sorts of sects and religion. Religion without Christ is a dead religion. Paul was religious but still lost. Some say they are good to their family. They say their prayers and live the best they can. I don’t care how good you are, you are nothing but a lost sinner. God sees our goodness as filthy rags. If it were possible for a sinner to never sin again, what about the sins before he decided to do better. Morality won’t get you to heaven.   

They trusted in self.  The humanist manifesto claims no belief in a deity saying we must save ourselves. We cannot save ourselves. God saw our need for salvation and the payment was made through his Son, Jesus Christ.  They say they are the captains of their own fate. If they trust in self, they will die lost.

So whom should you trust? Rabshakeh was afraid they would trust God. He told them they couldn’t. God is under constant attack. People ask if there is a God, why does he allow poverty; why does he allow people to be sick and die; why does he allow war and bloodshed?  Rabshakeh asked the same thing saying if their God was so great why were they oppressed. Satan would like nothing better than to shatter your faith. When David fought Goliath we would think by comparing the two of them that Goliath would win. He was a giant while David was a boy. David said the battle is the Lord’s and told Goliath that God would deliver him.

God is able to do all things.  Salvation comes only by trust in the Lord. Have you put your trust in something or someone else? Jesus is the way and the only way.  I’ve come this far. God has got me here safely. I’ve crossed the hump and I’m headed down the back side of this life. I’ve looked at most of my days here. I’ll go ahead and ride the rest out with God. I can keep trusting him even in this wilderness. I’m just about to cross over. I’ll trust my future to God. Drop anchor in him. If it’s not in God, you are on sinking sand.

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