Pastor Surber Resigns

This morning I need to talk to you about my voice problem and what it means to us all. As you can tell my throat hasn’t improved over the months, and I’m finding it more difficult to manage preaching and even everyday talking. I’ve had to limit myself to a degree like never before. To detail the note of the doctor’s visit last week, first I’m thankful there are no cancers or growths. However, there are serious problems, first with the vocal cords and second with the voice box. Both of these are caused by the high demand of continual preaching and talking that those of you with normal throats can handle with ease. Both conditions are uncorrectable by any means. If I continue under these current speaking demands the doctor said I would soon become too hoarse to be understood and these spasms in my throat would be constant.

After much seeking the Lord, considering my doctor’s advice, and listening to my own body, I am resigning as Pastor of the church.  Also, I am medically retiring from the pastoral field of ministry. If I do so now, I can be relegated to the role of guest preaching and perhaps be able to hold a brief revival now and then.  If I ignore this and continue on, soon I will not be able to do anything. Do not try to talk me out of it or suggest ways to make it work. I know this is God’s will and time for change.
Today I give you a 30-day notice. My last service with you will be Sunday morning March 1, 2020.  Pray for me as I follow Him in His will, and I pray for you to accept this as His will. Know that I love you all and my heart will always be yours.  Bob Surber

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