The Same Old, Same Old

We’ve all said it.  It’s the “same old, same old.”  I went to Kroger’s not too long ago trying to find my favorite ice cream and it was nowhere.  I figured they’d quit making it but then I saw a new box.  It was the same flavor and said “same ice cream, new look.”  It was still the same old ice cream.

When it comes to the Lord, that’s what we need—the same old, same old.  The world changes constantly.  The Bible says I am the Lord, I change not.  As long as some of us have been Christians—for me 45 years—I’ve used only one book.  Can you imagine reading the same novel again and again?  That’s the miracle of being a Christian.  We were saved by the instruction of one book. The gospels tell us of the birth, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and there we find the way of salvation.   Over the years I’ve not gotten tired of reading it.  His Word is spirit and life.  It should be just as exciting now as it was the first time.  It is alive and we never come to the point of not learning when we read it.  We are raised with him and are to walk in newness of life.  As we walk this day it’s a new day in the Lord.

Philippians 3: 15 Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in anything ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you. 16 Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing.

In every generation Satan has tried to divide, sow discord, confusion and even delusion.  We see unity in the wicked movements in the world today.  Some have quite a bit of political power.  The forces of evil unite. The Bible tells us that a kingdom divided against itself will not stand.  The fallen angels who fell with Lucifer listen to their master and work in unison and with purpose.  When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost, people began to be saved and as time went on it was difficult for people to get along.  That’s been the trouble for 2,000 years.  Jesus prayed in Gethsemane that all would be one in him.  We should be united as we trust the same Savior.

Contentions and disagreements happen.  Why?  The biggest problem has always been that people fall out with one another.  We’re members of the same body.  When fingers try to do what the toes are supposed to do there will be problems.  A foot needs a leg.  The important thing to remember is there is a rule and order to the things of God. Verse 16 says let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing.

We have attained salvation through Jesus as the gift of God.  We’re God’s children, part of the body of Christ.  There is a rule.  In our body there are a lot of things taking place inside that we can’t see that help us do what can be seen. Just think about what all it takes to walk—toes, feet, legs, hips, back.  If something goes wrong with one of them walking is a problem.  BUT if something happens with our inner ear we lose our balance and can’t walk.  We’ll probably hit the ground.  Our body minds the rule of the brain.

Who is the head of the body of Christ?  Christ.  We are each members in particular of the body and follow his rule and work together.  Don’t work against the head.  There is no reason to change the order.  No reason to interpret the truth another way.  Walk and live by the same rule of faith in Jesus Christ.  You may not be able to do what I do.  I may not be able to do what you do.  We’re not competing.  What we do must agree with God’s will and his rule, the Word.  They won’t work against each other.  As we read the Bible some portion may speak to you and another to me but each of us needs it all.  God wants us in one mind and one accord.  We should teach each other and edify one another in the faith.  I should be studied enough to help you and you me.  Let’s be workers together to help each other.

The Word will follow the same general rule as it speaks to each of us.  Let’s agree at the Bible. Let’s agree at the cross.  That’s the only way we know we’re saved. We agree with God and together as we please him we please—help—each other.  We can make each other smile, not by compromise but by walking by the same rule.

We love our natural family but don’t always agree.  The same is true with the family of God.  Let’s trust the same Word, the same Jesus, and we can make it.  We’re not perfect but strive for it—the maturity of perfection—by being Christ minded so that he can reveal his Word to us.  Thank God for the same old, same old.

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