Visit From David Osborne

Brother David visited with us Wednesday night.  He is getting ready to go full time for the mission work in Wytheville.  This is a joint effort between the Virginia Home Mission Board and the National FWB Home Missions.  His goals:  reach the lost; teach the saved; train the leaders.

Why are we important?  We can do nothing of ourselves.  Without Christ we can do nothing.  In Christ we find he is everything and what he wills can be accomplished.  Without his anointing and power we are all weak and feeble.

David asks for prayer.  We are an active part of reaching the lost by our prayers and support.  We’ll meet people in heaven that we’ve never seen but we had an active part in their being saved.  It’s because we actively supported through prayer and giving to the works of others.

David told the story of one of the first missionaries who used mining as an analogy.  They had to dig and go down into the hole and dig more.  Co-workers held them by ropes and pulled them up when they finished.  The missionary said he’d go down if they would hold the ropes.  That is David’s request as well.  He feels the burden to do the work in Wytheville.  He asks us to hold the ropes.

We can all commit to prayer for him and his family in this endeavor and give financially as God leads.

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