Being Responsible

I Corinthians 4:1-2 Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

Being responsible is required for any job you have.  If you’re working you have to know your job and the responsibilities required.  If you’re retired, it’s from a job for which you had responsibilities.  We might not be the best at what we do, but if we’re responsible our employer will notice.

We are servants of the Lord with a work to do.  We have a function in this world.  We are to let our light shine and be a beacon of hope for the unsaved.  We were all saved because someone was responsible and shared the gospel.

Being responsible does matter.  The Lord knows we’re not perfect.   We have flaws because we’re still in human flesh.  That’s why we have a High Priest in Jesus Christ.  It’s not about us using the Lord but the Lord using us—a potter with the clay.  What matters is that we’re faithful every day. Being faithful means to be responsible.  Share what we are and who we are with those who don’t know God.  It’s a conscious and unconscious sharing.  Verse 1 says we are ministers of Christ.  Do people see us as belonging to Jesus?  That’s the way it should be.  Others should note that we believe and follow the Lord.  For years I was known as a servant of the devil.  I don’t want that any longer.  I don’t want people to see me serve the Lord a little.  I want them to see someone happy and content in the Lord.  What unsaved people have yet to discover is what we now know.  I have experienced and learned what it means to be alive in this world.  When we see the world through the eyes of a Christian we can see the hand of God.  We don’t see Mother Nature; we see Father God.  The mysteries of God are for us to enjoy and share.  We are stewards of it and are to share it with others.  Without God we are just a bunch of misfit toys, but by his grace we are born again children of God.  Everyone can be.

It’s not just appreciating what we have.  It’s using the life we have and our abilities.  The opportunities are there.  We can talk about the weather or we can talk about the Lord.  If we can talk about cars, we can talk about Jesus.  Talk about him but also show him.  People will see from our decisions and reactions to situations if we’re doing right by our salvation.  When people expect us to give up and quit but we go on with a smile, it is a witness to them.  Show Jesus.  Be responsible in your life-living testimony.  We can’t beat people over the head with it, but we can show it to them by our life.  Be a good servant of God.  Be a good child of God.

Our stewardship is in proportion to what he’s given us.  How can we get so much and share so little.  Has the Lord shortchanged us?  No!  We sometimes have not because we ask not; other times we won’t let God give it to us.  If you’ve been changed, show it.  Some people’s idea of God will be what you show them.  It’s time to knuckle down and be responsible and faithful.  It will bring fulfillment.  If we claim Christ, we need to show it.  We can claim anything, but we have to back it up.  Show people what they can be and can have in the Lord.

God requires that we be found faithful.  We’ll give account.  Paul said wherefore we labor, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of him. Our past before salvation is forgotten. We’ll stand before the Lord to give account of every day of our life as a child of God.  I want him to be pleased and happy with me.  If we’re ashamed of him here he’ll be ashamed of us.  That means we have to be responsible.

If we had an irresponsible Savior we couldn’t trust him.  We can count on him.  Can he count on us?  Take your identity to heart.  Be a real child of God.  On the job you have a title.  Christianity must be more than a title.  Bob Surber should mean Christian and Christian should mean Bob Surber.  We need to give the right impression to the world, but we must also know how God sees us.  Make sure he approves.  Imagine how much more responsible we could be if we’d press a little further with the Lord.

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