There Is A God

Rev. Jack Sprinkle brought the message.

Amos 4:12 Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.

No matter what others think, say, or do, there is a God.  If we die saved we will stand before God as our rewarder.  Those who die lost will stand before him as a judge.  Exodus tells us there is a God in Israel.  It is appointed unto men to die and after this the judgment.  It may not be long before we stand before him.  In the space of time we have a short period of it.  Why were we given this time?  It is so you and I can prepare to meet God.  If had been only me Jesus would have gone to Calvary anyway.

God knows all things.  Before the foundation of the earth he saw our need personally.  He told the Trinity he was going to create humanity, someone to love him.  He looked down through time and saw me needing his help.  He told them he would send Jesus to earth in order for us to be saved.  There is a God!  Prepare to meet him.  He deals with humanity individually.  He’s involved with us all on an individual basis.  He can do that because he is God and loves us.  Right now you’re the only person he’s thinking about and he can do that with all of us because he is God.

He knows our circumstances.  Why did he come to earth as a little baby?  He understood our need before he was born, so he didn’t come to find that out.  He came, grew up among humanity so we could understand him.  He gave us two ears to hear.  We need to listen when he speaks to us.  The Bible tells us there is a God.  The universe tells us there is a God.  That’s great proof, but the greatest proof came to me the day he came into my life and saved me.  There is a God!  I tried to do better many times but couldn’t make a change until God came into my heart.

We should give it everything we have to get ready.  We can know right now if we are.  No one knows when the door will be closed, but it will close.  God controls the universe.  He can control us.  There is something within mankind, whether he believes in God or not, that makes him sense there is a God.  Most everyone seeks to worship something.  Some worship their boats because that’s where they go instead of church. The Bible says not to forsake assembling together. Let God be God, not something or someone else.  When we come before the throne there will be no question who is on the throne.  He is real and will have the last say.  Listen to Amos and prepare to meet him.

In the story of the feeding of the 5,000, there were probably 30,000 in all that were fed with five biscuits and two fish.  The people went away full and there was food left over.  Hardees can’t do that.  You can’t.  Jesus could because he is God.  That very night he disciples were on the water rowing across the lake.  A storm came up.  Jesus was praying on the mountain.  He knew the storm was coming.  I think God told him not to go just yet.  The disciples were at the point of drowning.  When we have problems we should go to God.  Sometimes he can’t help us because we don’t cry out.  Jesus came toward them on the water.  They thought they saw a ghost.  Why didn’t they recognize him?  They had their mind on yesterday’s victory. They were probably exalted by pride.  Sometimes trouble comes to humble us.  Sometimes it comes due to our own fault.  The lightening flashed and the thunder rolled. They saw a figure on the water. The Bible says he would have passed them by but they cried out.  Peter asked to come out to him on the water.  Our God is in control and no matter the situation, if we let him be God he can intervene.

We don’t have to fear serving God.  Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water because there is a God.  Within the reach of Jesus he looked at the circumstances and began to sink.  I generally wait until the last minute to ask God for help.  That’s not pleasing to God.  Of all the prayers in the Bible, this short prayer is most effective.  Until we receive God as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, he’ll pass us by while we sit on the church pew.  Peter said Lord, save me.  He was sincere with God.

No wonder Amos said prepare to meet him.  He can control everything, even us, if we let him.  Don’t take it lightly.  There will not be another world to go through.  Remember there is a God.  Have you heard the saying what you don’t know won’t hurt you?  If you think that’s true, think again.  It could well kill you.  God is not our problem.  He’s not our fear.  He’s the solution.

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