The Right Way and the Right Way to Handle It

Hosea 14: 9 Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? prudent, and he shall know them? for the ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them: but the transgressors shall fall therein.

This is an unusual way to end a book, but the Bible is the Word of God; all scripture is inspired by the Spirit of God.  Many books end on an upbeat note.  The book of Hosea does too, provided we do right by the Word.

We can make it through without stumbling if we do right.  God has given us a standard of truth.  What he tells us is right.  The ways of the Lord are right without question.  When God reveals his ways, they are right.  If the law of gravity changed, we couldn’t trust our steps.  We know that when we get out of bed, our feet will go to the floor due to gravity.  The reason the world is in such a shape and continually confused is that no matter how advanced we become, we can’t get it right. To most, right is whatever feels good to them.  Right is not measured by what makes us feel good but by what God says.  If we do right by the Word, we will feel good.  We will have meaning to life with an understanding of the spiritual.  There is victory over what pulls us down because God’s ways are right.  The Bible is forever settled in heaven.

God doesn’t operate like we do—a my-way-or-bust attitude.  Our opinions vary.  In any condition we find ourselves, God has a way for it, a commandment for it. It is not different for you and different for me.  Whether we succeed hinges on if we do what’s right under God.  Hosea said God’s ways are right and we should not question their rightness.  We live in a time of conformity.  We can’t pick and choose like its apples and oranges.  God’s ways are right.  They are real and true and backed up by the keeping of his promises.  He’ll come through if we accept his ways as truth and conform to him.  The ways of God are the best for us, and the only way to redemption and salvation.  Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by me.  Don’t try another way.  Don’t make up other ways.  There is one way—God’s way.  It’s the right way.  The sooner we accept this in our hearts, the better for us.

Sometimes we may not agree with God’s ways, but they stand.  Right is right and it cannot be changed.  If it condemns us, be thankful for a God that tells us what’s right.  The Bible is in every country, available for those who want the right way.  The happiest we will be is when we adapt ourselves to the right and obey it.  No matter how sinful and hell deserving we are, we are justified by the Word of God through his Son Jesus Christ.  God was personified in the person of Jesus.  What he did at the cross in his dying and by coming out of the tomb to be alive forevermore established the way of obedience where we can be made right with God.  Things you thought right you now see as wrong.  Before being right with God we had to acknowledge our wrong and his right.

Before I was saved I knew something was wrong.  I knew God was right. I wasn’t falling.  I was already fallen.  If a person is not willing to acknowledge and accept his truth and tries to set his own standard to suit himself, he will fall flat.  We will be judged by the Book.  How we treat the Word of God matters.  Do we believe it or not?  The only way to have our name written in the Book of Life is to line up with the truth of God and trust him.  We can get it right because God will enable us to walk and live right.  Jesus makes us right when we confess to him.  Our ways must match up to God’s.  Have you come up with a plan or set of principles that equal God’s?  No.  There are not two sets of truths.  The truth is in God.  The sooner we admit our failings, the sooner we can get right.  To have life everlasting, we must believe on the Son as Savior.  If we don’t, we are condemned already.  I wasn’t falling because of my sins; I was fallen.  I was already on a downhill slide.  We can’t get ourselves up without Jesus.

If Jesus Christ is not raised from the dead our faith is in vain.  If Jesus is not right, there is nothing to believe in.  I’m thankful there is someone to believe in.  Life is bearable.  Paul said for I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.  When we accept the Lord’s way, we find ourselves making it.  It feels good to have a life that is livable.  None of us can walk right on our own.  Our Savior has provided a right way that won’t let us down.

The question is who is wise?  Who is prudent?  You know that God has worked for others but for you?  Yes, he will.  He works for everyone.  He is accessible to all.  The truth is that we can’t live right until we get right.  Faith makes us whole.  God rights the wrong and sets us on a solid foundation that enables us to walk right before God.

Are you tired of falling on your face?  There is no reason to continue failing in your own ways when a Savior stands ready to pick you up.  He’s ready to make you born again through the power of the cross and the empty tomb.  All you have to learn to make things right is to trust in Jesus.

How do we know it works?  It’s a simple fact.  The ways of the Lord are right.  What is right, works!

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