Because I Live


Think on three words:  because I live.  There is potential in them.

John 14: 18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. 19 Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.

This is a straightforward statement made by Jesus shortly before he went to the cross.  Because I live, ye shall live also.  It was easy to say at that moment.  Two thousand years later, what does it mean to our hearts?  It is a present reality.  He didn’t say “if I live.”  He said because I live.  What others believe or feel about it has no bearing on what you should believe.  The truth is not altered.  The existence of Jesus now is by this single truth, and it makes a difference for the entire world.  Jesus died for the world.  He suffered the taking on of humanity and the burden of bearing our sins.  He died just like we’ll die one day.  Our dying won’t be like that of Jesus.  Because of our fallen condition, the curse of our sins, he came for the purpose of dying.  Our sins killed him.  He laid down his life for us, for our sins.

Think about how things would be if Jesus was not alive.  Jesus told his disciples that he be in this world only a short time.  He was in a body, so he was visible just like we are.  He was God in the flesh.  The time came that the world would see him no more.  When Jesus died and rose, he arose with the same body except that it was glorified.  He bore the scars of his death. He’s at the right hand of the Father today.  We will see him again when he comes in clouds of glory.  Just because you can’t search and find him physically doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.  We can’t see our loved ones away from us right now, but we know they exist.  Jesus still exists.  He is alive and very visible.

How can we see him?  He is manifested in an intimate manner in our hearts and souls.  Through the Spirit of God, he is manifested.  Will you agree with me?  Jesus is alive!  It’s hard to describe what our soul sees, but it does see Jesus.  We’re breathing.  Life has been pretty good to us.  We can’t give ourselves the credit.  It’s the grace and goodness of the Lord.  Jesus is bigger and fuller than we can imagine.  Don’t lay down conditions for the Lord to prove himself.  He doesn’t have to do anything else.  He’s already done it.  The Bible says God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  He’s in your face, and you can’t get away from him.  You can say you don’t believe all you want, but he cannot be denied.  It is a foolish decision to refuse to believe.  There was no “if” to his statement.  He didn’t say “if I can bear it” or “if I can come back to life.”  Jesus told them before it happened because I live, ye shall live also.  Suffer for us?  He could do it.  Die for us?  He could do it.  Be buried for us?  He could do it.  Be raised for us?  He could do it.  The important thing is to believe it.  We cannot deny his presence.  He is here whether we want it or not.

If a person dies lost without the Lord in his life, he will leave this world with Jesus being only a prayer away.  He is present to save the lost; no one has to die and go to hell.  That’s how we face life.  That’s why there is a point to everything.  Because I live.  The benefit of his living is ours!  Because he lives we live.  Because he lives we don’t have to die lost.  In spite of the cross, in spite of the tomb, in spite of the devil, Jesus said I live.  Because of that, you and I can live too.  It doesn’t mean that because he lives we can do what we want.  There must be a connection with Jesus.  The only way to claim heaven is to claim Jesus as Lord and Savior.  The only way to say “I’m saved” is to trust in the One who lives.  Life is in Jesus.  The best life we can live is lived in him.  With Jesus, no matter how little or how much of this world’s goods we have, there is happiness.  You can face tomorrow and enjoy today with Jesus.

If Jesus had not been alive he couldn’t have saved me.  I wouldn’t be here.  It took someone alive to change me from the person I was.  I’m not perfect, but Jesus has never failed.  Just when we think we can’t go on, we feel the tug of Jesus and hear his still voice of direction.  I have felt his presence.  I’ve felt his visibility.  We don’t need glasses to see Jesus.  We just need to remove the scales from the eyes of our heart.  You can call Jesus your own if you accept him into your life.  The only chance for living now and in the future is in the One who is alive forevermore!

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