World’s Supreme Leader

A proverb is a statement of truth. It sets for a fact.

Ezekiel 16:44 Behold, every one that useth proverbs shall use this proverb against thee, saying, As is the mother, so is her daughter.

Who is the world’s greatest leader? The leader of the free world is usually said about the United States. I guess we’re still thought of that way. We may be big in power and capability, but we may not be foremost any longer. The nation that forgets God is in trouble.

You won’t find the world’s greatest leader in the White House or in the Kremlin. The supreme leader of the world is the mother. This verse says as is the mother, so is her daughter. We could say as is the father, so is the son. So goes the nation and so goes the world.

God called Jerusalem the mother of Israel. She had become so wicked that God was cautioning her. He said to remember as is the mother, so is her daughter. He said take a look at yourself and see what you’re doing. They had to give account to him and to their children. Mothers are guides in the home. Fathers are to be the leaders. Consider the condition of the world. Taken to the source of the problem, we find it lies in the home. When the great empires fell, that fall started with a breakdown of family. When the institution of man, wife, and children fails, the rest comes apart. America is coming apart at the seams because of this breakdown. The definition of a mother and of a father is open to whatever a person wants. Children can be whatever. A pet can be your child if you want it to be. Legislators in one country after another have taken what was laid down by God, what civilizations through the centuries have held and adjusted the premise. Husband (man), wife (woman) and children were the strength of nations. For 50 plus years we’ve been seeing the breakdown. The definition has been revised as we also see a revising of history itself. Any combination of humans constitutes a family these days and we wonder why the suicide rate is so high among young people. We wonder why there are so many shootings. Congress can’t agree on anything. Sex is being thrown down the throats of children. The state is teaching our children instead of parents. We see such rebellion in them. I get tired of all the labels put on people. Discernment has been taken from God. The laws of nature and God have been cast away. People call it how they want it. That’s why there is such chaos. Forsaking the only way, we see that the boundaries set by God cannot be twisted.

If parents live and guide the right way, that’s the best way. Don’t let the fashion industry, Hollywood or politics rule. If this country has any chance at all it will be through the hands that rock the cradle. The Bible says to train up a child in the way it should go. He’ll never get away from it. If we don’t follow the biblical definitions set by God we’ll follow what is led by the devil and people will go to hell.  As is the mother, so is the daughter. As is the father, so is the son. A family unit is not to be led by the kids. Parents are to do it. Have a testimony that means something. Take the responsibility and realize our actions and attitudes will rub off the most on members of our family.

Are we discerning correctly? We have a responsibility to all around us to act like the Christian God saved us to be. Without discipline, there is no proof of love. That’s the philosophy today. Children need to be told no when it’s time and yes when it’s time. Too often now anything goes. Look what has happened because of it. It’s time to say no and remember your role is to lead your part of the world. The world may be falling apart but your world doesn’t have to. Being strong in the Lord will bring unity.

It can still work. If we want America to be great it must start in the home. Homes led in the ways of the Lord will be strong. That will then go on the nation and the world.

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