Is He Alive or Is He Dead?

Is He Alive or Is He Dead?  Here are two conclusions that the world draws. Is Jesus alive or dead? Everybody will give answer. Plenty of people these days will say “of course he’s dead.” Many act like he is, that’s for sure. Even in America there is little to no regard for the resurrection. It’s a holiday for the bunny and hiding eggs or extra days off work or school. Earth Day is exalted higher than Easter. Years ago a Christian told me that we are guardians of the earth and that is our chief goal. No, it is not!  To proclaim the gospel and win souls should be our chief goal.

Wake up!  If Jesus is dead, there is no use to go on. If he’s alive the whole perspective is changed. There is incontrovertible evidence that he’s alive. If Jesus is still dead, Christianity is no more than any other “in this life only” religion. Many teach we’re our own Savior. That’s nonsense! So here on Easter Sunday we examine it objectively. There is lots of doubt going on.

Luke 24:10 It was Mary Magdalene and Joanna, and Mary the mother of James, and other women that were with them, which told these things unto the apostles. 11 And their words seemed to them as idle tales, and they believed them not. 12 Then arose Peter, and ran unto the sepulchre; and stooping down, he beheld the linen clothes laid by themselves, and departed, wondering in himself at that which was come to pass.

On down we read of the Emmaus Road disciples and see doubt. Ten of the disciples were in a room behind closed doors still upset and turned around in their thinking. There was a desire to believe it but the tendency to doubt was strong.  When the women came to the tomb they saw a way made for them to go in. They saw where Jesus’ body had been but it was gone. Angels said Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee, Saying, The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.

It’s easy to believe he died. All of us have suffered the loss of loved ones and know we’ll die. So if Jesus died for us, that is good. But do you believe he rose the third day? Romans 10 tells us that if we confess with our mouth and believe in our heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead we’ll be saved. How does this happen? It wouldn’t; it couldn’t if Jesus was still in the grave.  Someone has to enact the plan of salvation into our heart. The experience of salvation is through the power of his death and resurrection. When Jesus arose it was to die no more. He has ultimate power over death, hell, and the grave.

Other religions stop short. They say when the heart stops, it’s done. Christianity is different. The One who founded Christianity died and rose again the third day. After 40 days he ascended back to heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father.  He’s still there some 2,000 years later. Because he loved us, he died and suffered. Because he was laid in the tomb. Because he arose. Does this make a difference? You’d better believe it does!

You hardly hear a curse word anymore other than the use of the name of God and Jesus. We don’t hear Mohammed or Buddha used. The devil is behind it. He knows who is the True and right God and Savior. He’ll not use other “religious figures.”  Jesus tore the bars away. I hate to even say “IF” he’s alive. That’s when doubt comes in. The devil sprinkles doubt throughout everything we watch on television and hear on radio and see on the web. All these seeds of influence put doubt in the heart of people.

Mary doubted. She didn’t recognize Jesus until he spoke her name. Dead men don’t talk! The doubt went away. I’ve never audibly heard his voice but I have heard his voice in my heart. Believe him alone. He alone saves. Not him and the preacher. Not him and a church or denomination. Christ alone died. I know he saved be because I trusted in him. He’ll always be there for you and me.

Peter cursed and swore denying the Lord. The Lord looked at him. When he went to the empty tomb, he wondered. We don’t know all the details, but sometime that day the Lord appeared to Peter. I’m sure he felt Jesus would destroy him for his denial but instead Jesus forgave and restored him.

Only a living Savior can make his salvation a gift to your heart. The world can say he’s dead. A blood-less and Christ-less salvation is no salvation at all. If in this life only we have hope, we’re of all men most miserable. That’s not a Bob Surber saying. That’s Bible. Even in this falling-apart body, we’re alive inside. When this life is over and you hear that Bob Surber died, I’ll live on!

The scars on Jesus’ body are proof to every believer that we’ll live forever with him. His “assurance” company is still the same. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are still the same. Salvation works because the Savior is alive to make it work. The worst insult we can do is to act like Jesus has died. The tomb is still empty! He’s at the door of your heart. Open the door. He’s alive forevermore to save you.

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