If This Were The Day

Mark 13:26 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. 27 And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven. 28 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When her branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is near: 29 So ye in like manner, when ye shall see these things come to pass, know that it is nigh, even at the doors. 30 Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. 31 Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away. 32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. 33 Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.

I’ve preached on this topic many times over the years and it’s been relevant every time. The first message I ever preached was about the Lord’s coming. The day is coming and none of us should be ignorant of that day. It is near. There is no excuse that any of us should be caught unaware. I used it first in 1974 and this could still be the day. The world was in bad shape then as it is now. In the passing of time, nothing has happened to make me doubt Jesus is coming. We’re 20 years into the second millennium of when he left, so this could still be the day. If it were the day, would you be taken or left behind?

Jesus said people will see the Son of Man coming. It won’t be a secretive event, but it will happen in the twinkling of an eye. The arch angel will blow the trumpet. Jesus will shout. Those who have died in the Lord will hear and rise from their grave. Those alive will meet them. Technology will catch it. There are cameras everywhere these days. They can replay it all they want, but it will be too late. There is no reason this cannot be the day.

We hardly even think of it being today. We need to change our mindset. Don’t be like the servants who said their lord was gone and fussed and fought, stressed out with things of life. Quit the foolish playing around and get right with God. Quit the lukewarmness and get back on fire for God. Do what you need to do to be ready to leave this world. If you miss the day, it will that very day that you think about for a timeless eternity.

If this were the day, do you really believe you’re prepared to go? Don’t think of somebody else and point fingers. Look at yourself. God will do the judging, not the rest of us. If you have your own way of worship, your own way of looking at the Bible, and think that you and “the big man upstairs” have it all worked out, you’d better listen. The time is coming. Are you ready? If not, you will be left behind. We have to love one another. We need to really live for the Lord. Jesus is coming and this could be the day.

This could be. It would be. It should be the day. Why could it be the day? The signs have been fulfilled. All that Jesus said would come to pass has. Mankind is at its lowest. This is the least civilized I’ve ever seen. Sin “un-civilizes” things. You might not be into all sorts of perversion and other sins people talk about, but we must live in the Spirit not the flesh. Are you at a point where you think you’re just about the only one right with God? Get ready! This generation won’t pass away without his coming. We should be the most sensible people on earth. We’ve been taught the Word of God. We know what it says. We look at D.C. and Hollywood and say they are so bad. Think about your own relationship with God. Sin is legalized and people cheer. Let’s live against sin. Be the servant God wants. Don’t be your own master. Satan’s day is coming. I want to be with Jesus and not left behind. The only one any of us would have to blame is ourselves because we know this could be the day.

It would be the day if you were separated from every Christian. If Jesus came, it would be the day. You would come to grips with reality. You’d realize the day. How scary! It would be past the end of any opportunity for you. The Holy Spirit is holding things back, but when the trumpet sounds the Holy Spirit will go up and as he does he’ll close the door that’s been open for over 2,000 years. If you hear and see a flash and the graves open up, you’ll sense something different–the absence of God’s Spirit. You can’t be saved without him. Nothing will be left but judgment. You life and your world will be thrown into utter chaos. Fighting on Capitol Hill will cease. In one day it will all fall apart. Every nation in the world will be affected and all will surrender their sovereignty to the antichrist and the false prophet. It will seem good for a little while, but God won’t allow them to relish in it. Judgment will begin. The cosmos will do its thing. No more of things like we know it. We’re already known more as a number than we are a name or person. Our only insurance policy is the Bible. We need the Lord. All the petty things we worry about now will mean nothing. You have to make it right before the trumpet sounds. This church will cease to be God’s house. Freedom of choice will be gone. It will be too late.

This should be the day of realizing for us all. If you’re lost, you need to get saved. If you’ve backslid, you need to run back to God. If you’re a Christian who’s gotten lazy and cold, it’s time to get close to the fire again. If we’re all the time gossipping, consider what kind of Christian that is. He that doesn’t love his brother abides in death. Bring your tongue and your heart to the altar. We must forgive. It’s one thing to apologize but another to let it go. If God hadn’t let go of our sins, none of us would be saved. If we don’t forgive men on earth, God will not forgive us. This should be a day of readiness for us all.

It could be the day he comes back. It should be the day we’re ready to meet him.

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