If the Iron Be Blunt

This is a simple illustration with a tremendous spiritual application.

Ecclesiastes 10:10 If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct.

We are much like the tools we use. Think about them. No matter the brand, they are good when we buy them. It will only be that way as long as we keep them sharpened. I saw a neighbor just the other day sharpening his lawnmower blades. I thought it was kind of silly to do now; they’ll rust and need it again by the time grass needs mowing. That made me think. As Christians we should not wait until we’re too dull before we sharpen up. It would have been fruitless for him to mow now but when the time does come to mow we can’t wait. The mower will have to work twice as hard without sharp blades.

You are I are like the axe. We must stay sharp and focused so our responsibilities and duties as Christians can be done. We have wonderful tools available to us. God has equipped us with what we need for a successful Christian life. This benefits us as well as the lost and the house of God. There is no limit. There is no reason to be a failure.

Are we sharp or blunted down? Any instrument can become blunt. An axe loses its edge and you have to stop and sharpen it. Mower blades do it. Knives do it. Daddy gave me my first knife and with it gave me a whet rock and showed me how to use it. God gave us a whet stone. We’re up against evil and ungodliness. We come from a life that keeps trying to pull us back. That’s why life demands a sharp edge. God’s instruments must be kept sharp from the constant pushing and pressures or our blade will get blunt.

You must put forth more strength when you’re dull. Do you feel like it’s getting tougher for you as a child of God? Join the crowd. We all do. If we allow what God has given us, that enables us to keep going to become dull, we will lose our edge and feel like we’re beating air.

You can’t cut a chicken leg off with the back of a knife. If I still had the same disposable razor now that I started with this time last year my face would be a mess. You need new blades. You will enjoy your relationship with God a whole lot more if you sharpen the edges.

We have faith at our disposal. How is your faith? Losing its edge? Sharpen it. What about your praying? Do you pray like you used to? Like you ought to? Sharpen up. Have you slacked on studying God’s Word? Sharpen up. Is your worship blunted? Are you in the spot where God can fill your cup? The first thing a person blames is someone else. No. Look at yourself. If you put forth a blunt worship, that’s all you’ll get. This is why people fall out of church. They don’t love it anymore. They say it’s dull. Do we talk to others like we do God? Do you talk to others more than you do God? Do you not get anything out of the Bible? Are you looking with a dull mind? Hearing it but not hearing it because of dull hearing? God gave us all these things and we need to keep them sharp. If they go dull, don’t blame God. Don’t blame others. Blame yourself. There is no reason to be dull. Are you thinking everyone is dull–the preacher, the singers, the teachers. This is the house of God. He will only bless us when we’re sharpened. If it’s dull it is because we are dull. It’s time to sharpen the axes.

Are you tired of serving the Lord? I’ve had people tell me they got tired of going to church. Sharpen up! Friend sharpens friend and the same whet stone sharpens us all. How sharp are you? How dull? What do you need to do today? I see my need. How about you?

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