When You Step Through the Gate

There are gates mentioned in the Bible. Jesus used the term “gates of hell” for entering there. Imagine how awful it will be to enter there and then be called out only to go the lake of fire. No wonder people are “cast” into it. When they go there, they cannot come back.

Praise God! There is another gate.

Revelation 22:14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

The times we have gone to National Parks we have entered through a gate. Amusement parks have gates. When we went to Disneyland with Danielle the line was a mile long. I thought we’d never get through but because she was there due to her cancer we got to cut line and get in quicker. Getting through the gate is the important thing. Being able to get through the gates of heaven means we need to keep going on. Don’t give up. Keep walking in that direction. The first thing we saw at Disneyland was Cinderella’s Castle. I became a child again. I had the best time.  I couldn’t help but think of heaven. When we left there their family still had to face the cancer ordeal, but at the gate of heaven we’ll leave it all behind–no pain, a new body, and no longer living in a cursed environment. The end for the Christian is only the beginning. Don’t dread the end because it marks a new beginning.

Our greatest blessing so far is salvation. We became a new creation inside. When we get to heaven all things will be new. Glasses will stay here in the rapture. We won’t be worrying about having our medications with us. There’ll be no pockets in our robe of white to hold a phone or calendar or credit card. Everything will be left behind. When we step through the gate it will be good.

When we were little we never wore shoes and it didn’t hurt. Now we need comfortable shoes for our feet because they hurt. We won’t wear shoes. Moses was told to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground. The children of Israel wore the same shoes 40 years in the wilderness. Our shoes of life have treads of sorrow and pain. When we received Jesus we got a pair of shoes that will get us through.

Down here we try to match our clothes. One day we’ll all walk in white. There’ll be no stones or briars to injure us. The curse will be gone. No bug spray needed. No snakes to bite or ticks to watch for. Everything will be perfect. Just imagine what we’ll see when we get inside the gate. Instead of the screaming and moaning that those in hell will be doing, we’ll be shouting for joy. The mighty angels will be playing and singing. No wonder we’ll need a glorified body! In the midst of it will be the throne of God. He’ll call us his people and we’ll call him our God. Then we’ll see Jesus. He’s going to bring us to his bosom like a groom takes his bride in his arms. You talk about a happy ending!

The best thing is that it will never be over. We have the promise that we will ever be with the Lord. What more could we ask for? Life is rough. The battle is fierce. Our adversary means business. Paul said he pressed toward the mark. It’s worth every trial and suffering to get inside the gate of that city. Everyday we live, stay on victory ground not defeated ground. Be an overcomer instead of a yielder. No matter what is going on, we can make it. When we step out of these shoes, we’ll step inside the gate.

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