The Snare of the Devil

This is not new.  I’m glad the Bible is here for us.  We had a warning before we were saved of the reality of sin and facing God in judgment.  We saw hell was waiting for us but we also saw the longsuffering of God.  The Bible tells us that God will not overlook the wicked, but we also see there is help for us after we’re saved.  The devil has snares.  He uses all sorts of things.  John tells us not to sin but says when we do we have an advocate with the Father in heaven.

Get to know the antics of Satan.  He’s probably already bothered you at church today.  How is it that we can’t sleep at home yet find ourselves getting sleepy at church?  Satan uses anything he can so we need warnings against him anytime we can get them.   Satan wants to lure us into sin but we have victory in Jesus Christ. Put that to use to avoid the snares.  If you find yourself getting trapped, call on the Lord and admit you’re caught.

There is no excuse.  Jesus overcame for us.  He’s the Conqueror and Captain of our Salvation.  Repentance and acknowledgment of the truth is necessary.  We must see our need of help.  Our physical body is important but guarding ourselves against the traps of Satan is imperative.  We are not impervious to sin.  I’ve heard people brag about being above sin.  We need to admit that without Jesus Christ we’re an easy target for the devil.

II Timothy 2: 25 In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; 26 And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

Snare is referenced many times in the Bible but never once is it used with God.  He doesn’t tempt man.  He does test us.  In Genesis 1, God wasn’t tempting Abraham; he was testing him.  It’s important for us to know how strong we are.  If our opinion is one thing and God’s another, who is wrong?  It’s not God.  In this day and time it’s easy to forget what sin is.  If a person tells a lie long enough he begins to believe it and sometimes those hearing it believe it.  It’s still a lie.  People claim to be Christians and say things like homosexuality are not a sin.  It is.  It’s about snares.  We must think beyond the sexual sins.  You can lust after things as well as people.  God saved us to have better sense.  The lust of the eyes and the pride of life get many into trouble.  If your idea of getting ahead is to step over anybody to get there you’ve got trouble.  If your quest for knowledge is just to be better than others, you’ve got trouble.

Things are pushed on our kids today.  They are vulnerable to the traps of Satan.  The devil is always setting up snares.  Before we get out of bed in the morning he’s at work.  Daddy used to show us how to trap animals so we could eat them.  I’ve seen animals suffer in those traps and the devil isn’t letting up.  Pray not to enter into temptation.  It could be sexual, moral, greed…and on and on.  Satan hates Christians and he works through the wickedness of others.  Don’t be led around by your nose.  We’re to lead sinners out of the darkness and show them the wonders of being saved.

Recognize your ability to be tempted.  The devil knows your weaknesses and he’ll set the snare. We may not admit them but the devil knows them and uses them against us to set the perfect trap.  It won’t even seem like one.

Wouldn’t it be something if mice could read?  They’d know the trap was a trap and the poison was poison.  The traps get us too if we don’t watch it.  The difference between us and the mice is we can read.  We have the Word of God.  We need to read it every day.  The devil wants us to quit church and stop reading the Bible.  He wants us to get an attitude and be prideful.  If the trap around you is about ready to spring, run from it toward God.  I don’t know traps are ahead for tomorrow.  I need help, don’t you?  The same one who delivered our soul from the devil can lead us around the snare and get us home.

It’s easy to say all this sexual sin is wrong, that worldliness is wrong.  The devil knows how to bait us.  We need Jesus today, tomorrow, and now.  By dark we could be in a snare of the devil if we’re not vigilant.  Why be warned again?  We keep messing up.  Let’s make sure we’re not participating.  There is victory.  Jesus was tempted and overcame.  He says we can too.

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