God’s Perfect Vision

Proverbs 15:The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. 11 Hell and destruction are before the Lord: how much more then the hearts of the children of men?

I can look at the congregation and don’t have to ask if some of you have vision problems.  I can tell by all the glasses and some of you even wear contacts.  To correct vision we have to do something.  There is a downside to what we do.  I can look over this way but still see Roger out of the corner of this eye; he looks like he’s leaning.  It’s not perfect and there is an optical illusion in what I see.

The devil is full of optical illusions.  He appears to be true, an angel of light, but he’s not.  On the other hand God is true.  He has perfect vision.  Even those who have 20/20 vision don’t really have perfect vision.  God has always seen plainly and fully.  Even though he’s been from ages past, he’s the same today as he was then.  He’ll be the same in the end.  His vision sees not only the outside of a person, it sees the inside.  There is no place we can hide from God.  When the rapture takes place the children of God will go to meet him.  Shortly after that judgment will come.  People will run to mountains crying for the rocks to fall on them and hide them from the coming judgment.  They will realize then God is real and they face judgment for not believing in him.

God beholds the good and bad.  He knows the heart, soul and spirit of man.  I can get you going by talking about all the wickedness going on out there, but God doesn’t like our sin either.  He sees us better than we see ourselves.  I can’t judge others because I need to judge myself.  We are blind to our sins but don’t allow that same blindness to be placed on the sins of others.  I’ve seen people excuse what they do until they decide to stop doing it.  Then they want to bring it out in others.

There is no excuse not to be right with God.  Would you rather trust God or yourself?  God sees it all in its entirety, the good and evil in us.  He sees our Adam nature and knows what is getting the upper hand in our lives.  Jesus not only can save us; he can help give us the victory over the evil in us.  Can you evaluate yourself perfectly?  Is there nothing that needs to be changed?  Is nothing is broken or out of the will of God?  Lord, have mercy on us to see what we are.  When we look deeper into our lives it’s like peeling an onion.  You can keep peeling and peeling; an onion is nothing but layer on layer.  God see through all our layers.  He can peel them back.  He knows how we see things and ourselves.  His eyes are in every place, beholding the evil and the goodHell and destruction are before the Lord: how much more then the hearts of the children of men?  If we could see what God sees, it would change us.  Hell is real.  It is everlasting.  If God is presiding over it, he is also presiding over us.

Is this you?  “I intend to get revived.”  “I’ve only done a few bad things, only said a few bad things.  I’ve done a lot of good.  That ought to count.”  “I know I’m not as close as I should be.”  If you knew all about me you might not like me as much.  I might not like you if I knew all about you.  God sees it all.  I remember years ago hearing the black congregations singing in their worship “it’s not my brother or my sister, but it’s me O, Lord, standing in the need of prayer.”  It’s time to focus on ourselves, our own slackness, indifference and complacency.  Don’t make excuses.  Let’s not be a stumbling block; be a stepping stone for others to get to God.  He knows how we feel toward ourselves, to others, and how we really feel about him.  He knows us to the core so how could he feel anything but wrath toward us?  I’m thankful that He who knows us best loves us most.  He tells us to repent.  We’ll not be perfect enough to wear a robe of white until we’re translated.  We can open our heart to a God who is perfect.  The only way to have revival is to acknowledge that God does see us perfectly.  He’s willing to fix us from the inside out, to make us the servant we need to be.  If you’ve never been saved, you can have this God.

He sees me.  He sees you.  What does he see?  We can all respond by opening our hearts, minds and spirit to the all-seeing God.

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