Casting Your Care

I Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

This is one of Peter’s most familiar writings.  If we only had the book of First Peter we could live a life pleasing to God.  Here in verses 5-10 are very well-rounded instructions to get through each day.  Right in the middle of that is verse 7.  This is not given as an option.  It is a commandment for us.

We get packages in the mail that say “handle with care.”  Sad to say, sometimes they were not taken care of.  We have a lot to handle in life.  Sometimes what comes up quickly is hard to handle when it comes out of the blue.  We have our self-sufficiency in check but never say “I can handle anything by myself.” We’ll quickly find out that’s not true.

The Lord wants us to turn everything over to him.  He’s the only one who can handle with care all the things in our life.  Care means our concerns, the things that we want taken care of or to be delivered from.  We want to be set free.  Peter boasted that he could handle it all.  He told Jesus not to worry about him because he could do it.  Jesus told him “get behind me Satan.”  It was Satan whispering in Peter’s ear trying to get Peter to believe he could.

Jesus cares for us more than we could ever care for ourselves.  Note the continuous movement of the verse.  Casting, not casted.  Casting, not will cast.  We may have cast things on Jesus in the past and that’s great but we can’t live in the past.  Every day problems are always there and Jesus said casting all your care upon him.  All the care, not part of it.  Verses 5-6 say God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.  Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.  We must recognize our need of God at any time of day.  The times we think we don’t need the Lord are probably when he’s working overtime for us.  If the Lord tells us he needs to care for us all the time we need to acknowledge it.  Bad news pounding on us all the time can get anyone down.  Peter said we are to humble ourselves before the Lord and keep handing our troubles to him. Keep passing it on to Jesus.

The second continuous word is careth.  Jesus cared for us in the past.  Thank the Lord he did.  In an unsure world we can count on God caring for us.  He cares for us as much right now as when we get in a rut, allow ourselves to get cold and indifferent, or swerve off the road.  He keeps caring for us just like parents who keep caring even when their children don’t do the right thing.  Ann has on a sweater.  If she noticed that Ola was cold and took off her sweater and put it around Ola that would be a nice thing to do.  God wants to wear our care.  Take it off.  Give it to the Lord.  Jesus said that all who are weary and heavy laden can come to him and find rest.

We are casting because God is caring.  Jesus will be in a taking mode if we’re in a passing it to him mode.  He’ll handle it with care.  Stay near the Lord.  Be a caster.  He’ll catch it.  The only way to experience how much he cares for us is to cast all our care upon him.

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