What Will You Do When God Rises Up?

Job 31: 14 What then shall I do when God riseth up? and when he visiteth, what shall I answer him?

Whenever we read the Bible it lets us know there is a throne and only one sits on this throne.  His name is God.  In Hebrew he is Yahweh.  He is Jehovah, the Lord of Hosts.  There is only one God and every other who tried to be has been proven a fake.

You may get to the point of thinking there is no God, but your heart tells you you’re wrong.  There is A GOD.  In the beginning he created the heavens and the earth.    We have the testimony of God before Jesus was born in the Old Testament and the testimony of God after his birth in the New Testament.  Both begin and end with God.  He sits on the throne; he is not dead nor is he an empty religious belief.  No one else has ever sat on his throne.   Even though Lucifer tried and took one third of the angels with him, God stayed on the throne.  The God of the Bible, he is THE God and no one else is beside him.  That’s why one of the Ten Commandments states we are to have no other gods before him.

Job lived in the time of Abraham.  He understood that God was God and sat on his throne.  He knew that when God wanted he could rise.  We serve a God who will rise up.  What will we do?  Are you ready to meet him?  The world is in sad shape but so are people.  If we go through our days unmindful of God on the throne, this is dangerous business.  Every day we must be mindful of him.

Paradise was lost in Eden.  God came in the cool of the day to meet with Adam and Eve.  I’m glad he meets with us.  One day Adam wasn’t there and God asked for him.  He’s asking us today where we are.  Adam and Eve hid from God because they were naked.  God asked who told them they were naked.  They had eaten of the fruit they were not to; they put the blame on other things when it was really on them.  Our soul is our responsibility.

We must be like the prodigal who admitted his wrong and went back to the father.  We see a perfect picture of a person who has not accepted Jesus.  In its context it’s a message to God’s children.  Before he went astray he was born into the household.  If we’re not careful, if we listen to the allure of the grass that seems to be greener, we’ll find ourselves away from the Father.  The best time of life is at home with the Father.  His throne is not a rocking chair.  He’s not asleep.  In this story, the father got up to go meet the son.  If you’re away from the Father, come to him.  He’ll rise up to meet you and give you what you need.  If he sits, stands or bends down—whatever he does—no one gets his throne.  His arms are long enough to reach down to us.  He can bend down for us to hear him whisper in our ear.

Moses needed the Lord and he came down to the mountain.  He carved a place in the rock, put Moses there and covered him with his hand.  He came by and Moses experienced the Lord.  He couldn’t look on his face but saw him after he passed by.  Moses had to put a veil over his head because his face glowed so much the people couldn’t look at him.

What should we do?  Pay attention.  Judgment is coming.  Jesus will stand, come get us and then introduce us to the Father.  When God comes to judgment, none will escape.  Rise up.  God means business.  He’s rising on our behalf and expects us to answer.  Obey.  Respond to the challenge.  Answer what he’s calling and asking you to do.

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