The God at Hand

The Lord asked am I a God at hand?  That was a tremendous question for Jeremiah’s time.  The spiritual condition of Israel at that time was much like ours today. The devil elevates wickedness and knocks down Christianity.  We’ve ridden the gravy train for a long time and now our sins are biting us back.  When we think of separation of church and state it is not how it’s portrayed by society.  We are to be separate from the world.  Some say politics and Christianity don’t mix.  Every aspect of our life, including our political beliefs, must follow God.  When a group of people make abortion and the lifestyles of the homosexual and transgender their major points, as Christians we have to take a stand. I won’t tell you who to vote for but I can tell you we must not vote for anything that is against God.  We cannot go against him for the sake of politics.  We’ll stand before God and give account of our lives including how we vote.  When we vote it must be done with a prayerful heart.  It’s time to follow God.  We’re facing a mixture of Communism, Socialism, and more.  America is losing its identity.  We have not been on nation under God for many years.  Politics has been put above God.  The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders.  Our country needs to come back to God.

Jeremiah 23: 23 Am I a God at hand, saith the Lord, and not a God afar off? 24 Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the Lord.

Listen to these questions.  Is he a God at hand? And not a God afar off?  Can any hid from God?  Does he not fill heaven and earth?  In one way this is very comforting.  In another it is very sobering.  What the Lord is saying is that he’s much nearer than we can even imagine.  What would make me at hand to Roger on the front row?  I’d have to come down there so that my hand is close enough for him to reach out and take it.  It breaks my heart to see our people suffering but I know that God is at hand with them.  To those who trust him he is not afar off.

Do you feel like he’s far away?  He has not moved.  If there is distance, it is we who have moved far off.  We can’t blame God for that.  We must blame ourselves.  Just because we don’t feel him doesn’t mean he’s not there.  God doesn’t operate by our moods.  When we’ve felt him the least he’s been the closest because we believe him more.  Walk by what you believe, not on your emotions.

Our country respects everything more than God and Christianity.  I pledge myself to a kingdom, not a country.  Who knows what would happen if all Christians would just stand for God.  We’d be amazed at what he would do.  Let’s honestly seek him. Let’s worship him.

As a Christian we are never alone.  Jesus said he’d be with us always.  That includes the low times.  He is at hand, within our reach.  If we’ll reach out, we can take his hand.  Even if this nation falls apart, those that love the Lord will stand forever.  When the devil falls and is thrown in the lake of fire, we’ll still be standing.   Job said for I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth.  Our God is the balm in Gilead.  Keep your hand out to him; he’ll show you what to do.

In a fresh way, reach out to him.  Let your trust cease to be in man and put it in the hands of the man who stilled the waters and hung on Calvary.

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