Your Latter End

Deuteronomy 32: 28 For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them. 29 O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end!

The Lord spoke to the children of Israel but he speaks as much to us.  O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end!  God says this with a pleading heart.  He knows what’s down the road.  There are rewards for trusting God.  Making up your own rules has rewards too.  He wanted the people to consider their latter end.  This is a key consideration in life.  We need to be deeply founded on the solid rock of Jesus Christ so that when we consider our latter end we won’t be deceived.  We’ll know our latter end is eternal life because of our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus said we are to trust him and not depart from the faith.  Otherwise the latter end is much different.  Consider which way you’re going and who you are trusting.  Is your true allegiance to God or somewhere else?  “Consider” means to use our common sense.  We can’t alter the laws of sin any more than we can change the laws of nature.  The spiritual laws govern sin and the soul; they are set in stone.  We can change the Word to whatever we want but it doesn’t really change it.

I saw a sign in the doctor’s office that said “live in the moment with an eye toward eternity.”  We can’t say “one day I’ll get saved.”  “I plan to get closer to the Lord.” “One of these days I’ll do it.”  We do all sorts of things to change our weight—take off our shoes, clean out our pockets and so on, but you can’t hide from the scales.  They weigh what you weigh.  How does God see you?  Understand yourself as God does.  We’re far more reckless with ourselves than we are others.  We easily see where others fail but don’t see our own failures.  If there is ever a need to be examined it is now.  We see how wicked the nation is but we must consider how we’re living too.  What are your ideas?  How is your relationship with the Lord and each other?  Consider how you are this moment.

Life will come to an end for each of us either by death or the rapture.  How we fall is how we’ll lie.  Consider how you would fall if you died of a heart attack this moment or if the rapture took place. There will be an end for you and me and when it comes, where will we be?  We’ll live forever somewhere in eternity.  There are two places:  heaven or hell.  The only way to heaven is to trust Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  Are you lined up with Jesus?  He’s the only way the latter end will be in heaven.  There are a variety of ways to live, but outside of the narrow way to heaven you’re end will be in hell.  If the wicked don’t repent they’ll go to hell.  If the morally good people don’t repent they’ll go to hell as well.  Goodness won’t get us there.  In the parable of the wedding all the guests were required to wear a garment provided by the king.  He looked out and saw a man not wearing a garment.  He thought he’d be accepted anyway but the king had him bound and cast into out darkness.

Everyone must be born again.  Each of us must receive the gift of God through Jesus Christ.  The eternity garment fits every person from the most wicked to the very good.  We cannot help Jesus get us to heaven.  We must fall at his feet and admit we’re sinners.  Everyone who calls upon his name receives the garment of salvation.

Hell is real.  A vast majority of people who go there are probably surprised when they open their eyes in hell.  Don’t just hope you’ll make it to heaven.  You can know your latter end by knowing Jesus Christ as Savior.  Do you think you don’t have to consider your latter end right now?  You’re only a breath, a heartbeat away from eternity.  If the Lord showed us when we’d die or when he’s coming back, it would scare us all into prayer.  Our eternity—our latter end—is coming.  Jesus has done all he can to save us and we’ve never been closer to our latter end than now.  We can know right now how it will be.  Consider your latter end and if you need to do something, do it.  Ask the Lord to save you if you’re lost.  If you are saved ask him if there are any hindrances.

Get saved.  Come back to the Lord if you’ve slipped away.  The latter end is coming.

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