The Means Satan Uses on Christians

You’d think the devil would let up on us but I feel like he’s turned up the heat.  He’ll use any means to get to us.

II Corinthians 11:3 But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

Paul reminds all churches and all Christians everywhere, then and now, that we need to be on our guard against the devil.  He relentlessly goes against us.  Are you still having trouble praying? Finding time to study his Word?  Does he throw everything at you when it’s church time to keep you away?  When it comes to daily trusting the Lord, do you have doubts?  Do you feel choked to death when you try to pray?

It’s been very evident down through the years as a pastor.  People get discouraged and fall by the wayside.  The devil still uses the same old methods.  He’ll use anything but his most effective things are the fundamental elements.  He loves it when a Christian stops praying or when people enjoy other places more than the house of God.  When people read every other book out there but not the Bible, Satan loves it.  Some think watching preaching on television is fine.  Some of it is all right and is good for people who are laid up and can’t get out, but nothing replaces the house of God for those able to come.

It’s these basics where most people fail.  Anything.  Any means.  It’s not the most ridiculous in your face means.  Some people have told me they can’t figure out why they slide away.  After all, they haven’t committed some big crime, some awful sin.  It’s the simple things that get them.  God forbid that prayer and Bible study become routine.  If we don’t read the Bible, the devil will ensure we read something we shouldn’t.   Jesus needs no changing.  We do.

Beguile means to deceive by friendship.  He doesn’t come as an adversary or in persecution unless other means don’t work.  First he pretends to be a friend.  He tried to deceive Eve by coming across as her friend.  He’ll con you into thinking subconsciously about what he says.  Television subliminally feeds us all the time.  Satan doesn’t care if we bear the name Christian as long as we’re not really one.  The old bird of Satan wants to come in and steal the seed of the Word.  Remember he can appear as an angel of light. Subtlety is lying in wait, quiet, and in little ways entering the heart to draw us away.  To get into the heart he first has to get into our mind.

Salvation has a complicated side and a simple side.  We have experienced the simple part.  We hear the truth of the plan of God and believe.  However, the actual plan was very complicated.   When I think of everything that happened between Adam and Eve and the birth of Christ, it’s amazing.  Jesus bore the complicated part so we could enjoy the simplicity.  The Bible says the way of salvation is so simple that even a fool won’t err therein.  The life of a Christian isn’t hard.  The Bible says the way of the transgressor is hard.  The just are to live by faith.  Don’t let the devil have your basics.  Times may be a little hard but don’t give in.  We are not perfect people, just forgiven.  We’re humans saved by the grace of God.  It is his power that gives us strength to go on.  Don’t let the devil tell you being a Christian is unlivable.  Don’t let him tell you the basics aren’t important. Keep a guarded, clean heart.

If things are not like they used to be don’t look at the church.  Don’t look at the Bible.  Don’t look at the preacher.  Look at yourself.  If the devil can cause you to forget how good the Bible is, how good the church is or make you forget the goodness of God he’s on his way of getting to you.

Do you get bored with praying?  Never!  Think about it.  Do you say the same things each night practically praying yourself to sleep?  If you said the same old thing to your friends all the time, they’d get tired of it.  It’s better to say what’s on your heart.  Never dread church.  We may not be the flashiest bunch out there but we love each other.  Be thankful for each other and the house of God.  Don’t be friends with the devil.  Be friends with each other and enjoy the blessings of God.  Make no room for Satan.  Put it across the door of your heart:  NO ROOM FOR SATAN HERE.  Read the Bible.  Pray.  When the devil tries to slip in, kick him out!  His means don’t have to be successful.  It’s time to put the devil out the door and make the Lord always welcome.

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