Do You Have the Such as I Have?

Acts 3: Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour. And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the temple; Who seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple asked an alms. And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us. And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them. Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.

Peter spoke before he thought sometimes.  He was usually honest in what he said.  Here he and John were at the temple; they picked a good place to be.  Today things go on as usual even on Sunday, but church is the place to be on Sunday.  At the hour of prayer Peter and John went to the temple.  Shame on us for not praying as we should.  I’m thankful for the hour of prayer.  Now is the time to call on the Lord.  You have this moment; if you’re not saved remember that it can be taken from you.

I hope you didn’t come to church to see how pretty everyone is.  You’ll be disappointed.  I hope you didn’t come so everyone could see how pretty you are.  We have a reason to come to church and live for the Lord.  You have reason to be saved—to keep your soul from hell.  If it wasn’t so wicked it would be almost funny at the causes people stand for.  We have a reason to live and pray.  Jesus is the reason for all seasons, the Savior of right now.  He’s a now Deliverer, a now King. He won’t be King one day.  He is King now!

There was the lame man at the temple; he had been lame from his birth.  He was a beggar; that’s all he could do for money because of his physical state.  Without Jesus Christ we are all lame beggars.  Sin cripples and makes a pauper of us.  The devil keeps taking things away.  I was pretty far from God and getting closer to hell.  I’m glad the Savior bridged the gap.  He took my hand when I called on him.  He saved me.  If you’ve lost your grip on Jesus, get it back.

Peter and John told the man to look at them.  Peter told him he had no money and said but such as I have give I thee.  If you look to Jesus to get ahead and satisfy the lusts of your soul you’ll need more.  What we need was bought on Calvary’s cross.  Peter said in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.  He leaped up.  He didn’t barely get up like we do.  He leaped and shouted because Peter gave him what he had.

Our prayer should be help us to have what Peter had—the such as I have—Peter had it.  Do you?

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