For These Things I Weep

This was a terrible time for Israel.  They had reached the end of their rope, an end made by their own doing.  They stopped trusting the Lord.  Even so, the Lord sent someone to them.  It’s never best to give up on God.  There is no rock like him.  If they didn’t trust God they couldn’t face down the enemy themselves.  God stepped back and let them see how they handled it.  I don’t want God to step back in my life.  He’s more than willing to share our burdens.  Are we willing to let him?

Lamentations 1: 16 For these things I weep; mine eye, mine eye runneth down with water, because the comforter that should relieve my soul is far from me: my children are desolate, because the enemy prevailed. 17 Zion spreadeth forth her hands, and there is none to comfort her.

Sometimes I hesitate reading the book of Lamentations.  It’s sad.  We feel down enough, but it’s for a purpose.  It should be read at our best and our worst times.  Some of our greatest blessings come from the tear-filled pages of Jeremiah’s lamentations.  He had opened his heart before the Lord.  If all Israel had done that it would have made a difference.  If we lay aside doubt and dispel our false expectations, the Lord will help.  It is through our weeping—our burdens, our hard times—that the Lord gets us to a place that our hearts are softened so he can help us. Sometimes it happens so we get serious enough to call on the name of God.

The people’s hearts were desolate because the enemy prevailed.  Sometimes we try but still fail.  We have THE adversary against us but we have so many adversaries around us.  The Lord knew this.  He knew we needed a Savior or we’d die and go to hell.  Where we fail, he succeeds.  We can go only so far; God goes all the way.  God allows us to be upset.  Some are satisfied without God seeing no need for a Savior.  When things go bad—and they do—we realize how little control we have.

We have the ability to smile and frown, the ability to laugh and cry.  Tears moisten our eyes but are also a means of pouring out and expressing an overflow of the heart.  I’ve laughed till I cried.  I’ve been angry enough to cry.  I’ve felt tenderness and cried.  I’ve felt guilt and cried.  That’s what God wants.  There are times we go through things that erase the smile.  We feel so broken that the tears come.  We can’t speak normally; our lips quiver.  There can be tears of joy but there are also tears of weeping.  How are your tears working?  Are you at peace?  Satisfied?  Right with the Lord?

What things do you weep for?  If it’s sin, talk to Jesus about it.  Jairus’ daughter was sick and died.  Jesus asked them why they were weeping.  Without Jesus there is reason to weep but with Jesus there is comfort to turn tears to joy.  Have a good talk with Jesus.  It’s impossible to face life without the Lord.  The darkness is swallowing the world.  Turn on the light of Jesus.

Jesus asked Martha and Mary why they wept and they said come and see.  At the tomb of Lazarus Jesus saw the brokenness of the others and wept.  It broke his heart; the people said see how he loved him.  Jesus loves you too.  He said Lazarus, come forth.  He came out of the grave.  Jesus told the people to release him from the grave clothes and let him go.  Everyone was freed.  It all happened because they said come and see.  The Lord can take us through our tears and give is relief.

Jesus cried on the cross.  His final cry was it is finished.  His last tears came out.  Because he died and rose again he has authority to wipe all tears away one day.  We’ll have tears in this life but turn the weeping over to him.  One day all sources of our tears will be gone.  At the tomb of Jesus Mary Magdalene wept.  Jesus came up to her and asked her why she was weeping.  He asks you the same thing.  Why are you weeping?  Give Jesus the answer to that question.  He’ll give you the help you need.

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