The Things That Accompany Salvation

Hebrews 6:9 But, beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, and things that accompany salvation, though we thus speak.

One way people see Jesus is through us and the things that accompany salvation.  There are responsibilities with the gift God has blessed us with. Salvation is an earth changing event.  God needs us to be faithful to him.  It’s something we can’t do for ourselves or help God with.  We can’t add to what he’s done.  Rather we submit and yield our lives in service to him.  It’s wrong to keep salvation a secret.  You can’t keep it inside.  You’ll lose the closeness and your heart will become hard.  If God has saved you, he must be Lord of your life.  Let those things that are befitting salvation come out.  If we diet and exercise and get ourselves in good shape and then sit down, all the work goes down the drain.  If we stop demonstrating our salvation we’re heading down the wrong road.

The disciples on the road to Emmaus should have recognized Jesus.  They were so into themselves that it wasn’t until Jesus broke the bread that they realized Jesus had been with them the whole time.  If we take salvation for granted, we’ll neglect it and fail to recognize his companionship.  We’ll go away instead of toward him.  Don’t come to the end of life and wish you’d done things differently.  Perform and be faithful to the things we should be.  You can’t add to salvation.  This is talking about the fruit of our salvation.  Let Jesus be on the throne of your heart.  If you live any other way, you’ll be miserable.

We can’t serve two masters.  Yield to the will of God, not just in word but in life.  Jesus is with us just like he was those Emmaus disciples.  We trust people and things in this life.  We have to do this to a certain extent, but we must trust Jesus above all.  If you have trusted Jesus to save you, will he not come through for you each day?  In the path of life the Lord said he’d walk with us.  We should know he’ll never lead us astray.  We trust the Lord and walk with him as he walks with us.  We will walk in the light.  If we find ourselves getting off the road it won’t be the fault of Jesus.

Can we trust ourselves?  No, but we can trust God.  Walking with him we can pray.  We know the benefit of prayer.  If the Lord so saved us, others can be saved.  Our intercession for others is important.  Don’t give up praying.  Depend on the Lord.  He answers prayer.  As we pray remember we have to love.  How can you love the wicked?  Someone who has wronged you?  We can’t hold grudges.  If you’re having trouble, maybe it’s not the other person.  Maybe it’s you.  Show love and concern.  Pray the Lord will change hearts of the lost.  Have faith and love toward God.  Loving others accompanies salvation.  The unsaved need to see the love of God in us.  If we say we’re spiritual people, the fruit of the spirit is love.  This accompanies salvation and brings glory to the Lord.  The only light of the world is God shining through us.

The church is still here.  The Word is still taught and preached.  That is evidence Jesus is still in this world.  We should accompany him through this world.  What kind of company are we keeping with Jesus through our everyday life?  At home?  At work?  Do we hide or enhance that we walk with Jesus?

Salvation is a wonderful gift.  It makes life worth living.  The least we can do is give good company to this gift.

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