The House of My Pilgrimage

Many in this world never see comfortable days.  In America we’ve had decades of comfortableness as Christians.  David’s life was set, but he couldn’t just be comfortable and safe in his palace.  He realized he was no more than a pilgrim.  It’s the correct view all of us should have.

A pilgrimage has a beginning point.  A person making a pilgrimage has to have a leaving—the making of a clean break from one location to another place.

Psalms 119:54 Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage.

Life is ever passing us by.  We can’t change the speed of life.  It seems to be going faster the older we get, but we know that it still moves at the same pace.  We’ll never be as we once were.  We are saved now because there was a point of breaking away from our old life of sin.  Abraham was told to leave Ur of Chaldees and head for another land, the Promised Land.  He had no reference material stating the land even existed.  He just took God as his word.  He broke from his life.  God took Abraham from the house of the Gentiles and made his people, the Jews.  He made a clean break and went on his journey.  His descendants became the nation of Israel.  Later Jesus was born of the virgin Mary.  The Holy Spirit was the father.  Jesus was born to be the Savior of the Jews and the Gentiles.  It had gone full circle.  David knew that just because he was king didn’t mean he wasn’t a pilgrim.  He couldn’t go back to Bethlehem.  He had to stay in Jerusalem and be king.

A traveler leaves one location, follows directions, and makes a journey through ever-changing landscapes.  Abraham pitched his tent for a while and then packed up and moved along. He was in Egypt, Beersheba, and the North Country.  It reminds me of riding passenger trains in my younger days.  We’d leave this area and go through Roanoke and Lynchburg.  The greatest thrill was looking out the window and seeing the changing landscapes.  Life is an ever-changing landscape.  If we’ll stay on the train and follow the Lord we’ll make it through.  God took care of Abraham.  He took care of David.  He’ll take care of us.

With a pilgrimage there is an arrival to the destination.  There is a leaving, the journey through an ever-changing landscape, and then arrival at the destination.   One day we’ll end up at our destination.  Through the gospel and following the Word we’ll arrive at the same destination.  We may arrive at different times, but we’ll get there.  Hang in there and let God’s Word be the light unto your path.

We will arrive.  While on the journey keep the destination in mind.  We’ll make it.  We have an eye of faith.  We’ve not seen heaven but we know it’s there.  We’re not on a track to nowhere.  We won’t find ourselves at a dead end.  Our salvation train ends up in heaven.  We’ll be home forever.  God’s Word got David through every battle and enabled him to say I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Stay on board!

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