Walk in Liberty

It’s bad enough to deal with the challenges of life health wise.  It’s worse to live with all the challenges against Christianity.  I didn’t pick the fight; the devil did.  We have to make some statements.  We need to be equipped.  The devil uses much against us.  Jesus said this would happen in the last days.  Just because we live where we do doesn’t mean it’s not coming.  It’s already here.  As the enemies of God activate their rights as citizens of the United States, we must remember that we have rights as well.  These are given by God and our constitution.  Our forefathers wrote the constitution.  Using scripture as a basis they put the documents together.  Regardless of what people say God has given rights that no one can take away.  You and I must remember we have liberty, and we can walk in it.

Psalms 119:45, 80 And I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts.  Let my heart be sound in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed.

This is right at the forefront.  We have experienced it or heard others talk about it.  There is a visible struggle going on against God’s people.  God is under assault.  The world has respect for every belief except Bible-believing Christianity, born-again believers—Calvary salvation.  Hollywood does nothing but mock.  False religions are portrayed respectively and enticingly.  The counterfeits claim Christ and to be Bible based.  The media never fails to put a mistake of someone in a bad light but they don’t air the secrets and wickedness of false religions.

We make a stand together as a church and a denomination, but we’re only as strong as individuals are.  The challenge comes to individuals.  You’ll have to set your own walk.  You must know in whom you believe.  The cross needs no defense.  The Bible needs no apology.  It just needs to be told.  We don’t counter attack when assaulted.  We witness.  Give scripture facts.  When Jesus was confronted by the devil in the wilderness, he could have reached for a lightning bolt and run it through Satan.  He faced the devil and used his knowledge of the Word of God.  It gives us the right to proclaim the Lord.

The world wants us to continuously prove ourselves.  All we need to do is be what God saved us to be.  Stand fast.  Don’t let the devil bind you in a corner with his lies and half-truths.  We need to know the Word to counter him.  We’ve got to be in all the way.  Finish the course and keep the faith.  This means to be true in the trying times and the good times.  If we don’t know our rights, how can we stand for them?  We have the constitutional right to freedom of religion.  That means any religion.  People can worship the devil if they want, but it means we have the right to worship God, no matter what society thinks.  Dark America, evil America says we don’t have the right, but we do!  Stop walking around with your head down.  We’ll hold our head high while we’re together here but then hang it and hope we go unnoticed by the world.

People who want to attack can get away with it, but if we try to stand the media has a field day.  The legal system is more and more anti-Christian.  Hold your head up.  If you face opposition from this world and the devil don’t worry.  If you’re put on the spot, don’t be afraid.  The Lord will be with you in that hour and bring to your memory the Word of God.

If the devil can exercise his rights, I can too.  You can’t hide behind anyone but Jesus Christ.  So you say you can’t do it?  Yes.  You can!  You are not alone.  We’re sheep among wolves but we have been told to go forth.  The apostles knew they had the heavenly right to stand up in this world and witness for Jesus.  I’m glad someone had the guts to approach me.  They broke me with love.

We overcome evil with good.  We walk in liberty because we are free.  I don’t care what Washington decrees.  They can’t take away what God has given.  We are free INDEED—all the way.  Some think they’re free and try to do away with Christianity.  They’ve tried for years but have not succeeded.  God is still on the throne.  Jesus said we’ll have trials in this world but to be of good cheer because he overcame the world.  I’m not physically what I used to be, but I’m still at liberty.  We can live and die at liberty in the Lord.

Verse 80 says let my heart be sound in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed. This is the prayer to pray.  Help us to know where we stand.  We don’t have to be ashamed.  Onward Christian soldiers.  There is only one way to go—onward.  I’m glad to be an American and I’ll support our flag.  However, it is because of the Christian flag that we can hold the US flag.  Nothing can change the cross.  Therein is our liberty.  Through and by it we walk in liberty.

We are the instruments of Jesus.  Let’s walk in liberty and see what happens.

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