Practical Mother’s Day Gifts

Luke 2: 51 And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart.52 And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

All the gifts we give on Mother’s Day are nice.  The cards, hugs, and kisses are well deserved.  The best gifts are given by how you treat your parents and how you honor them.  How you do your duty as part of the family matters.  Whatever role you play is just as vital as any other part.  Society is geared to destroy the real home, and it is vital to maintain our part for the sake of the country and the world.  They need the example, a good one, to go by.  God expects us to do right by our parents.  Jesus didn’t discard his parents.  He was God.  The Lord of all Glory who created and gave life to his own mother became human in her womb.  He found out what it was like to have a mother and earthly father.    He served as an example to us by being a good child.  Some of his last words on the cross were for his mother.

It’s a me generation across the world.  It all revolves around me.  Everyone ought to work toward my good.  Attitudes toward those around you will make or break you.  If you do right by your family God will bless.  If not he won’t.  I can’t be a woman.  I’m a man.  You all are who you are.  Let’s see our place in the home and in society.

At 12 years old Jesus saw his place in the temple.  It was time to go back home to Nazareth from Jerusalem.  What was Jesus going to do with where God placed him?  He had the power and the ability to go on his own, but he knew how much he needed his family.  Jesus is what keeps a family alive.  He could have gone his own way at 12 and rightly so, but he chose to go down with his parents as a follower.  He chose to be the child.  For our sakes he humbled himself to obedience of his earthly parents.  We can’t make it alone.  We don’t make it on our own brains and ingenuity.  We make it by the grace of God and help of family and friends.  Jesus humbled himself and stayed the child he was.  He was 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and on up unto 33 years old taking every year in stride.  He experienced life like us for us.  He knows where we’re coming from and understands the errors in our thinking.  He was tempted just like we are.

His way was set by God under his parents even if it was in a place like Nazareth.  He was satisfied with his lowly home.  His town had a bad reputation as a rough place to grow up in. There’s a lot of sinfulness here in Smyth County too, but we don’t have to become like the wicked and sinful.  We don’t have to keep up with anybody.  It was ordained that Jesus be raised in a bad town even though he deserved more.  It made him show a good example and prove that a good thing can come out of Nazareth.  Joseph and Mary lived their lives.  Jesus obeyed them.  Nazareth didn’t rub off on him.  Smyth County doesn’t have to rub off on us.  Let’s rub off on others.

Jesus was their creator but submitted to their authority.  He learned to be a carpenter even though he was the designer of the universe.  He sat at Mary’s feet when she should have been at his.  Let’s learn from others.  We can all learn something if we’ll learn to listen.  Jesus increased in wisdom.  How could he increase?  He was God.  He was also human.  Thanks to the internet many people think they’re geniuses.  We used to rely on old-fashioned learning.  There is no such thing as an expert though we see many on television every day.  We need to forget knowledge and focus on wisdom.  Carry yourself fearfully before others and God in heaven.  Strive to be what God wants.

Jesus increased in stature—this means maturity.  He went from baby to child to grown up.  People don’t have enough walls to hold their degrees but they act like babies because they have never grown up and matured.  People are temper and lust driven.  They want to be instantly grown up.  In order to be grown up you have to first grow up.  You can’t google it.  You do it day by day by day.

Even at my age I can be a baby or I can be a grown up.  The time is now to grow and mature in the Lord.  Our goal should not be big bank accounts or being popular.  Our goal should be to please the Lord and help mankind.  That’s what Jesus did.  By doing so he achieved the favor of his heavenly Father.  You can too.

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