Life Under Proper Control

We don’t have control over death—when and how.  However, living is our responsibility—that is how we live our life.

It’s easy to send up a revival prayer, but personal revival depends on what we do with the Lord.  If we want revival for our hearts, the first question to address is control.  Who is in control of your life?  We must be submissive to the Lord.  Too often people are willing to say “my sins belong to the Lord, but my life belongs to me.”  What about your life?  Sure we must confess our sins, but we must surrender our lives. We can’t be Indian givers about it either.  Sin will inevitably follow a life not surrendered to God.

II Corinthians 10:(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

Is there a control problem today? Absolutely!  Society is out of control; however, society is made up of individuals who are out of control.  I don’t know of one lost person who’s not having problems.  I know many who are saved and in a crisis situation, yet they have peace.  They are under the lordship of the Master.

I’m not good at self-control.  I’ve gained 10 pounds since Christmas.  I can blame it on all sorts of things, but I really need to control my appetite.  Controlling ourselves is hard to do.  We have a Savior willing to control us because he knows we are poor at doing it ourselves.  We can’t do much.  Answer this question.  How good a lord do you make of your own life?  I felt like hiding under the desk when I asked myself this question.  I find myself giving in.  I end up more carnal than spiritual.  I need help.  Do you?

That’s why we need revival.  When we take the reins from the Master we mess up.  He’s willing if we’re willing to trust him.  Trusting God is a goal we all ought to set.  Verse 6 is the key.  And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.  This means total obedience.  Though costly, though against the grain, though against self, obey God.  We can define disobedience in our own lives and deal with.  We can help others when we really turn our lives over to God.  We have the tools, and they are mighty.  If we don’t let the Master have the control that he should have in our lives, we will be out of control.  We’ll go further from the Lord.

What needs to be done?  The Lord needs control.  Did he force us to be saved?  No.  He gave us the ability to call on his name.  We opened the door and let him into our lives.  Revival is the result of a fresh submission to Jesus Christ.  It’s a sign we trust God and don’t split our faith between God and ourselves.  We know He won’t let us down.  We’ll get back to what we should be and have revival.

What does it take?  There are walls in our lives that have to be pulled down.  Thinking we’re strong and don’t need the lordship of Jesus is wrong.  Cast down the imaginations and thoughts that shouldn’t be there.  The devil works on the mind.  He tells us to work it out ourselves.  We need the mind of Christ.  Consider how little we do know.  Our knowledge is small.  We can’t take care of our lives ourselves.  We need God.  Why?  We’re still human.  We’re still in this flesh.

We have to yield to God and not self.  Consider how much we do in, for and of ourselves.  See how little we mind God and try to pat ourselves on the back.  Pride comes before a fall.  We’re not that big.  Without Jesus we shrink fast.  We need to bring our thoughts into captivity.  Apprehend every part of our lives that is contrary to God.  Bring it as a prisoner to the Lord in obedience and give it to him.  Revival is giving ourselves back to God.  As verse 6 states, obedience is fulfilled in our readiness to God.  It’s time to do some whittling for the Lord so he can revive us.

If you and I want revival, we must return the lordship to the Lord and live life under proper control.

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