I Will Come To You

“I will come to you.”  This begins and ends with a person.  The “I” is Jesus, and the “you” is us.  A lot can go on between the two words because a lot can go on between Jesus and us and us and Jesus.  It’s like having a lot of blankets on the bed to keep us warm.  There’s a lot between us and the cold.  Sometimes we feel there is a lot between us and God.

John 14:18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

Know it or not, realize it or not, this is a precious passage.  Jesus is not just sitting at the right hand of God.  He and God are not just sitting in heaven sympathizing and pitying us.  They do more than just be there.  Jesus is here for us.  He can be there for us and here for us as only he can.  This is a real promise made by the Lord.  It’s more than that; it’s a statement of fact.  He means every word he says no matter how we think or feel about it.  We easily break our promises, but God’s promises are facts of commitment.  He said I WILL come to you.  He didn’t say I may come or if nothing gets in my way I’ll come.  Jesus said I WILL reach you.  That’s 100% commitment not to go back on it.  When I draw my last breath there may be no one else around, but Jesus will come.  He’ll be there.  I can count on it!  You can count on it!  Our economy is unstable.  The value of the dollars changes constantly.  It’s worth little in other countries.  The treasury of God is not shrinking.  His voice carries as much value as always.

The entire life of Jesus was expressed by these words.  To be our Savior he had to come to us.  Emmanuel means “God with us.”  When Jesus went back to heaven he sent the Holy Spirit to us.  That means God is here.  We’re not comfortless.  Do you need the Lord to come to you?  He’s here—right in your face.  He came two thousand years ago for us.  The next time he comes it will be for us.  It’s all for us.

Jesus walked the shores of Galilee and the streets of the towns when he was here and he’s where you are.  He came to all.  He refused none.  He came to the rich and the poor, the Pharisee and the leper and harlot.  He came for Jews and Gentiles.  Wherever the people were Jesus made a point to go there.  He got cold for them.  He got wet for them.  He sweated for them.  He did it all because people need him.  He endured what he must and he did it for us all.  Regardless of the place you find yourself right now Jesus Christ has come to you.  He’s come before, but what matters is your response to him now.

He has come to you.  Now it’s time to come to him. He stepped over every obstacle to get here.  The only thing in his way is the closed door of your heart and life.  He stands at the door knocking.  He won’t knock it down.  Open it.  You need him.   He will not leave us.  Will you come to him?

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