The Sign of the Sigh

This is a telling passage about how people were back in the Bible days and how we can be if we’re not careful.  Jesus is all we need in one person.  He’s our Alpha and Omega.  Through our life many have helped us, but it was Jesus doing it through them.

After all Jesus taught it still wasn’t enough.  Some today are not satisfied with the Lord.  There is hunger for something else, something more.  The movie and television world come out every year with something to top what they did the year before, usually something more wicked than the last, in an effort to grab our attention.  It has created a discontent to see something more spectacular than before.  There is nothing more exciting than Jesus Christ and being saved by the blood and part of the family God is special.  Years ago people had a better appreciation for God.  Today that is lacking due to the attention grabbing of the world.

Mark 8: 10 And straightway he entered into a ship with his disciples, and came into the parts of Dalmanutha. 11 And the Pharisees came forth, and began to question with him, seeking of him a sign from heaven, tempting him. 12 And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and saith, Why doth this generation seek after a sign? verily I say unto you, There shall no sign be given unto this generation. 13 And he left them, and entering into the ship again departed to the other side.

A sigh is an outward expression of a deep emotion in the heart.  It’s a vocal sign in a language without words; it’s an expression of the spirit.  What caused Jesus to sigh so deeply?  The Pharisees asked questions to trap Jesus.  Looking back in the previous chapters we see his deepest frustration with the people.  It disturbs me to know a Savior so patient and understanding, who was silent as he was led to the slaughter of the cross, facing man’s insensitivity.  Jesus spoke plainly to the people.  After feeding the multitudes and healing the deaf and dumb, he taught them great truths about mankind and God.  It was clearer than ever before.  What more could Jesus do for us?  He went to the cross and bore the sins of humanity and the curse of it.  How can we not be satisfied?

After all he had done in other places to help people and show who he was, the people wanted another sign—something more.  Is Jesus sufficient for you?  Do you trust him and accept him as Savior?  If so, do you rely on and follow him with satisfaction regardless of what comes or goes?  Life comes and goes but through it all Jesus remains enough to satisfy your soul.  He told the Samaritan woman if she knew who he was she would ask for a drink of water from him.  He’s such a Savior that he should be enough.  By his birth, death, resurrection, ascension and place at the right hand of God, he is fully functioning Lord and God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Some want more saying “show me a sign.”  We’re no better than the Pharisees.  I’ve seen people abandon the Lord for saying no in answer to a prayer.  Every good parent says no now and then.  We have a Savior, who sometimes answers no; that is still evidence he’s there.  Don’t be the source of more frustration for him.  Sometimes we get frustrated at others but should never get frustrated with Jesus and the church.  Never be ashamed of the Lord.

Jesus went to this area on purpose.  The people needed help and he offered the same help he’d given others.  He’s a hands-on Savior and his hand is long enough to reach to where we need him.  If we let him, he’ll touch us and make us whole.  The people came out with the Pharisees leading the way.  Instead of believing on him, they came with questions seeking a sign for more.  The greatest things he does for us are the things we don’t even ask him for.

These people wanted to trap him with their questions. Do you find yourself questioning God?  Others are happy with religion.  We have Christianity, the real thing.  If you’re not happy with that, it is not God’s fault.  Jesus stepped into our lives leaving a nail-scarred footprint.  He’s proven himself time and time again.  We don’t need another sign.  Are you willing to trust him?  What more could we need?

The futility of the question broke Jesus’ heart.  He came to help and all they wanted was something different.  He does the same for all of us in individual ways.  What else do we need?  Jesus sighed and asked why they needed a sign telling them there would be no other sign for them.

When we feel tempted to question God, think about who should require a sign—it’s not us.  We should trust Jesus and he should require a sign from us.  He doesn’t.  What if he required something different from us?  He could have made salvation different, but he didn’t.  He took the hardest part on himself.  All he requires from us is what is in his Word.  That won’t change.  We should rejoice!

Jesus said there will be no other sign.  If he was not enough, that was too bad.  If he’s not enough, we have no hope.  To get to heaven we must go through Jesus, plus nothing and minus nothing.  No sign is required from us other than turning our heart over to him and living our life for him.

Jesus left the people and went to the other side.  I don’t want Jesus to leave.  The Bible says if we draw near to him he’ll draw near to us.  It’s time to consider how we’re treating our Savior.  God is not inadequate.  We let him down when we don’t trust him.  Are we ready to be happy in the Lord?  That should be our statement of life—Jesus and me—and I’m happy, happy, happy!

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