The Spirit of Adoption

The message was brought by Rev. James Childers.

Romans 8: 15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

In Hebrew and Greek the word Abba means daddy.  We have to come a long way down the Christian road to call God that, but because of the Spirit of adoption we can do so.

In the state of SC, my wife and I went to court for the purpose of adopting a baby.  I learned some things during the process.

  1. It was an expensive process.  There were lawyers and court fees to pay that ended up costing lots of money.
  2. When you adopt a child, you can pick the one you want—the hair color, eye color, and skin color—all the choices are yours.  With a natural child, you get what you get.
  3. In the state of SC once you have adopted a child, you cannot disown him or her.  That child is forever your responsibility.  You can disown a natural child but not an adopted one.  Once that child gets to a certain age, he or she can decide to leave, but the parent cannot.

At the time of this writing, Rome was in authority. Adoption was not taken lightly.  It didn’t just have to be a baby; older children could be adopted.  When the judge dropped the gavel and said “adopted” the child was theirs forever.  I want us to notice some things that happened under Roman law when a child was adopted.

  1. All the past of the child was forgiven.  It was against Roman law to bring up a child’s past after adoption.  In Second Kings 14 a woman talked to the man of God.  Her husband had died and left deep debt for his wife and children.  The creditors were after them.  If that child was adopted the past did not follow him.  If you’re saved, God doesn’t see your past.  If my past is ever brought up, it won’t be by God.  The Old Testament says our sins are behind God’s back and are removed as far as the east is from the west.  Under grace in the New Testament, the Bible says when we’re forgiven of our sins, they are not just behind God’s back; they are gone.  They are removed.  It’s a thrill to know my sins are gone!  It’s good sometimes to look back at where God brought us from, but when someone goes on about things they’ve done I worry.  It’s more important to know what God did with them.
  2. When someone was adopted, all the debt was forgiven.  It didn’t matter how deep the debt was; it was gone.  When we got adopted, our debt was gone.  Adam gave us all a debt we could not pay.  Jesus paid it for us on Calvary.  That should be enough to make us all shout!
  3. An adopted child got a brand new family.  Sometimes the children came from very poor families. They barely got one meal a day and didn’t have good clothes. Sometimes parents had no alternative but to put their children up for adoption.  A good Jewish family would come along and adopt the children.  When the children left the courtroom, they went to a brand new family and a new house.  The Bible tells us that Jesus went to prepare a place for us.  I don’t know what kind of place it will be, but I know I’ll be satisfied.  There will be no cabins in the corner of glory land.  I have family I am just now meeting because everyone who has been adopted into the family of God is my brother and sister.  I grew up with four brothers, and we fought each other all the time.  No one else had better fight us or they had to fight all five of us.  That’s the way we should treat our adopted family.  Love them.  Be there for them.
  4. Upon adoption, everything the father of that adopted child had belonged to that child.  No will was needed.  No papers were needed.  It automatically passed on to the child.  When we were adopted into the family of God, we received everything that Jesus holds.  Along with that came the support of the family, a church to attend, and a preacher to help us on the journey.

If we’re saved, we’ve been adopted into the family of God.  We didn’t deserve it, but God loved us.  When we accepted Jesus as Savior, God threw down the gavel and said “adopted.”

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