Three Measures

The kingdom of heaven is compared to a loaf of bread.  At first one might think Jesus is insulting the kingdom, but he’s the King and from his lips the words came.  He gives us a clear picture of how he has planned it all out.

Matthew 13:33 Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.

If I asked you, without reading this scripture, for a comparison of heaven, you’d go to Revelation or John 14 to see the grandeur and glory of it.  You wouldn’t have said a loaf of bread.  Jesus used different pictures for the kingdom to give us a complete understanding.  Everything he said is significant and conveys important aspects we need to understand.  That’s why he told us the kingdom of heaven is like a loaf of bread. 

When we get there, we’ll know it as the kingdom of God.  We won’t call it heaven.  John spoke of the kingdom of heaven being at hand.  Then later he called it the kingdom of God.  That’s what we’ll call it when we get there.  We’ll see God.  We’re in this world, the one into which Jesus came.  We’re part of it.  Jesus made it possible for us to be citizens of heaven.  We’re more than Christians, more than a church.  We’re the kingdom of heaven, and his kingdom is not of this world.

We still have the same body we had before we were saved.  We all still live pretty much in the same places.  We’re citizens of the county, the state, and the USA, but when we got saved we became part of the kingdom of heaven.

Just like this woman took three measures of meal, we consist in totality of three measures—body, soul, and spirit.  We must be willing to take our three measures and be made into something else.  The woman had to hide something in the three measures of meal that made it take on a different consistency.  The Lord knows what he’s doing when he works.  We had to put ourselves into the hands of the master cook—the Lord.  We have the measure of faith to believe.  The recipe for salvation is in the Bible.  The cook is alive and well having risen from the dead on the third day.  When we put our unworthy meal—body, soul, spirit—in his hands something happens.  He puts his leaven into our three measures; that makes the difference.

Leaven is different.  Not just anything can be put into the meal and produce bread.  It has to be special—the right substance must be used.  The special leaven we need was made by Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  When put within us, the change happens.  Without leaven there is no bread.  You can mix other ingredients all you want, but without leaven it won’t work.  We needed something completely different to be placed in us.  I didn’t get up from the altar better looking than before I knelt.  I didn’t shine with a strange glory.  I looked the same on the outside, but something happened on the inside.  I experienced a load being taken away.  The change inside worked to the outside.  Baked bread looks different than dough.

If there is a prayer to pray, it would be “Lord, here are my three measures.  Hide your leaven within me and help me let you work it through my life so I can shine for you as a citizen of the kingdom of heaven.”

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