We Need Your Shoes!

That’s right—your shoes.  Have you got any you don’t wear anymore?  What about some that may not fit?  You may have some you just don’t like.  Some may be scratched up. The soles may be about to fall off.  Well, we need them.

As part of missions, a program was given on “go green.”  That’s the buzz phrase isn’t it?  While it is important to “go green” for the planet, it’s important to apply those same principles to our spiritual life.  Use less energy in a planetary way. Use more of our energy for the Lord.  Solar energy is good. Let’s use the power of the SON.  By all means recycle, but allow God to recycle our lives. He can mold us for his glory.  “Go green” is so familiar because talk of it is far and wide.  We need to “go green” with spreading the gospel.

What’s this got to do with shoes?  We’re glad you asked!  A young girl from Lowman’s Valley Church is going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. There is a company that buys shoes, refurbishes them and sends most of them to third-world countries.  That’s recycling if there ever was.  She is going to use that money to help finance her trip.

She has collected 1,500 pairs so far and is shooting for 5,000. For the next two weeks we’re collecting shoes.  So….send your shoes!  She can use them. Others in the world who have none will benefit from your gift.

The company will not take bedroom slippers, but the rest are welcome!

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